Purpose and Use of the cc-cmt List

Dear cc-cmt Readers:

This is a reminder that the cc-cmt@nist.gov list is for the purpose of 
discussing issues and interpretations of the Common Criteria and the 
Common Criteria Evaluation Methodology. Specifically, through the cc-
cmt list:

o   Those not currently in an evaluation can post questions related 
    to the Common Criteria. These questions will be reviewed by the 
    NIAP Interpretations Board (NIB) on a time-available basis, and 
    a NIB opinion will be provided. As a reminder, those in 
    evaluation should use the OD process and work through their 
    validation team.

o   The NIB can post draft interpretations for community review, 
    and the community can provide comments on those 
    interpretations. The NIB will review those comments and 
    attempt to address them as part of interpretation development.

Note that postings regarding the Homeland Defense Journal are off-
topic; requests to subscribe to the Homeland Defense Journal should be 
sent to events@cais.com. 

Thank you,

The NIAP Interpretations Board

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