Volume 3, Number 2

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-      Tom H. Koornwinder                   thk@fwi.uva.nl            -
-      Martin Muldoon                       muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca -
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-      The Electronic News Net of the SIAM Activity Group             -
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Today's Topics:

     1. Appointment of Officers
     2. Announcing OP-SF WEB
     3. Minisymposium at SIAM Annual Meeting in Kansas City
     4. SIAM Student Paper Prizes
     5. Errata and Additions to OP-SF NET 3.1
     6. Special Session at Antwerp meeting
     7. International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials in Mathematical
          Physics {Madrid)
     8. Meeting (Trondheim) on Continued Fractions and Geometric Function
     9. New Book: Quantum group symmetry and q-tensor algebras
   (Biedenharn and Lohe)
    10. New Book: Special Functions (Temme)
    11. Koekoek-Swarttouw report on Askey scheme
    12. Problem on Infinite Series
    13. Positions Available
    14. Change of address for AT-NET
    15. Searching aid for JAT home page
    16. WWW and ftp addresses
    17. Changes of address
    18. ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
    19. Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
         to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Calendar of events:                                         see issue/topic:

April 22-23: Umbral Calculus Workshop at MIT                         3.1 #7
May 6-26: CRM Workshop on the Theory of Special Functions            3.1 #8
May 22-24: Special Functions session at International Joint
  Mathematics Meeting (Antwerp)        3.2 #6
June 23-27: Joint summer research conference on Random Matrices,
            Statistical Mechanics, and Painleve Transcendents        2.6 #8
  (South Hadley, Mass., USA)
June 24-26: International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials in
  Mathematical Physics (Madrid)                        3.2 #7
July 1-5: Meeting in Canterbury on Symmetries and Integrability of
           Difference Equations                                      2.4 #6
July 1-7: XVth Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Poland      3.1 #10
July 15-20: International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in
            Physics, Goslar, Germany                                 3.1 #11
July 21-26: ICCAM 96, Leuven, Belgium                                3.1 #12
July 22-26: SIAM Annual Meeting in Kansas City                       3.2 #3
August 23-30: Workshop Transform Methods & Special Functions         2.6 #10
  (Varna, Bulgaria)
September 23-28: III International Conference on Functional Analysis
         and Approximation Theory (Italy)                            3.1 #13

June 24-28: Continued Fractions and Geometric Function Theory        3.2 #8
            (Trondheim, Norway)

Topic #1  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Charles Dunkl <cfd5z@virginia.edu>
Subject: Appointments

Wolfram Koepf has accepted an appointment as Editor of the (printed)
Newsletter of the Activity Group for the period Jan 1996 to Dec 1998.
Martin Muldoon has accepted an appointment for the same period as
Webmaster and co-editor of OP-SF NET.  On behalf of the elected officers,
I express our appreciation to Martin and Wolfram, and we look forward to
continuing to work together with them in the Activity Group.

Topic #2  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>
Subject: OP-SF WEB

This Newsletter (including back issues)  is available in two places on the
World Wide Web, either from Tom Koornwinder's archive:


or (generally faster in North America) from:


an archive maintained by Paul Nevai. (Indeed, with lynx, you can use
Paul's "wjat" (see Topic #15) to search the archive.)

But we have also started OP-SF WEB, a version of OP-SF NET designed for
World Wide Web browsing.  You can link to it from our Home Page:


At present, it has a number of headings:
              Conference Calendar
              Books, etc.
              Meeting Reports
              Personal, Obituaries, etc.

and more will be added.  Much of the information is the same as what you
read here in OP-SF NET.  But the WWW format offers a number of advantages:

        - Links can be added to other resources on the Web. So,
        for example, whenever possible, an announcement of a forthcoming
        meeting includes a link to the Web location maintained by the

        - Meeting reports can be supplemented by links to related
        information, abstracts, photographs, etc.

        - Information can be posted soon after it is received (generally
        within 24 hours).

Of course, OP-SF NET and the printed Newsletter will continue to be
provided, and information submitted to them will be considered for
inclusion in OP-SF WEB.

Topic #3   ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Willard Miller, Jr. <miller@ima.umn.edu>
Subject: Minisymposium at SIAM Annual Meeting in Kansas City

The 1996 SIAM Annual Meeting will be held on July 22-26, 1996
in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. See

WWW: http://www.siam.org/meetings/an96/an96home.htm

for further information, or send an email to meetings@siam.org .
A major theme is "New Tools of Applied Mathematics".
Carl de Boor will receive the von Neumann prize at this meeting.

In OP-SF Net 3.1, Topic #4 we wrote that our Activity Group probably
would not sponsor or organize any Minisymposium during this Annual
Meeting.  Fortunately, some proposal has still come up:

The SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
will present a Minisymposium on Modern Topics in Orthogonal Systems.
(There are expected to be 4-6 speakers.) The Minisymposium will feature
two main topics: 1) Wavelets, organized by Gilbert G. Walter of the
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and 2) Multivariate Orthogonal
Polynomials that generalize Jacobi Polynomials, organized by Robert
Gustafson of Texas A&M University. (Both Walter and Gustafson will speak.
The wavelet topic will involve approximation theory issues and should be
closest to DeBoor's work.)

Topic #4  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Allison Bogardo <bogardo@siam.org>
Subject: SIAM Student Paper Prizes

The annual SIAM Student Paper Prizes will be awarded during the 1996
SIAM Annual Meeting.

If you are a student or know of a student who would like to take part
in the competition, here are the details:

The authors of the three best papers in applied and computational
mathematics written by students and submitted to SIAM will be invited
to attend the 1996 annual meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, July
22-26.  Each winner must present his/her paper at the meeting and will
receive a $750 cash award as well as gratis registration for the
meeting.  Winners will be awarded calligraphed certificates at a
special prize ceremony at the meeting.  Papers must be singly authored
and not previously published or submitted for publication to be
eligible for consideration.  To qualify, authors must be students in
good standing who have not received their PhDs at the time of

In submitting their work for publication, authors are asked to
consider SIAM journals.

Submissions must be received by SIAM on or before March 15, 1996.

Submissions, which must be in English, can be sent by regular mail or
fax.  Each submission must include (1) an extended abstract NOT LONGER
THAN 5 PAGES (including bibliography); (2) the complete paper, which
will be used solely for clarification of any questions; (3) a
statement by the student's faculty advisor that the paper has been
prepared by the author indicated and that the author is a student in
good standing; (4) a letter by the student's faculty advisor
describing and evaluating the paper's contribution; and (5) a short
biography of the student.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, and quality
of exposition.

The winners will be notified by June 10, 1996.

If you have any questions, please contact: Allison G. Bogardo, SIAM,
3600 University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688;
telephone: (215) 382-9800; e-mail to bogardo@siam.org; fax to (215)

Topic #5  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Tom Koornwinder <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: errata and additions to OP-SF Net 3.1

Re: Topic #14 (CD-ROM version of Gradshteyn & Ryzhik)

Rachel Bridgman <rachael.bridgman@hbuk.co.uk> writes: The USA and
Canada are covered by the US office of Academic Press.  Anyone from
these areas wishing to purchase the CD-ROM should contact Nomi Schalit
<nschalit@acad.com>. Anyone in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa
should contact myself <rachael.bridgman@hbuk.co.uk>.

Re: Topic #15 (Szego memorial)

Paul Nevai pointed out an error in the WWW address. It should read as follows:
Pictures of the Szego bust (see OP-SF Net 2.5, Topic #9) can be viewed
on WWW: http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~nevai/SZEGO

Topic #6  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Walter Van Assche <Walter.VanAssche@wis.kuleuven.ac.be>
Subject: Special Functions session at International Joint Mathematics Meeting,
         Antwerp, Belgium

The first joint meeting of the AMS and the mathematical societies of the
Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg) will be held
on May 22-24, 1996 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The organizers of the meeting have allocated Wednesday afternoon, May 22
to Walter Van Assche (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) and Marcel G. de
Bruin (Technical University Delft) for organizing a contributed papers
session on "Special Functions".

The program is as follows:

FIRST SESSION (twenty minutes for each talk)

1) M. G. de Bruin (Technical University Delft, The Netherlands)
   "Continuous Sobolev-Laguerre polynomials and their continued fractions"

2) H. G. Meijer (Technical University Delft, The Netherlands)
   "Coherent pairs for Sobolev orthogonal polynomials"

3) H. Bavinck (Technical University Delft, The Netherlands)
   "Linear perturbations of differential and difference operators with
    polynomial eigenfunctions"

4) J. Van Der Jeugt (Universiteit Gent, Belgium)
   "Transformation and summation formulas for multiple
   hypergeometric functions"

SECOND SESSION (twenty minutes for each talk)

1) M. Schlosser (Universit\"at Wien, Austria)
   "Multidimensional matrix inversion and $A_r$ and $C_r$ basic
    hypergeometric functions" (joint work with Ch. Krattenthaler)

2) W. Koepf (Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin, Germany)
   "Efficient computation of orthogonal polynomials in computer algebra"

3) W. Koepf (Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin, Germany)
   "Orthogonal polynomial identities in Maple V.4"

4) R. F. Swarttouw (Computer Algebra Nederland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
   "An interactive electronic version of the Askey-Wilson table for
    classical orthogonal polynomials"

For further information about the meeting, see the meetings part of the
AMS e-MATH home pages

   WWW: http://e-math.ams.org/committee/meetings/

or consult a news bulletin of one of the organizing societies
(e.g. Notices AMS).

Registration: Kristel Van Rompay <vrompay@uia.ua.ac.be>
Hotel Information: Luc Willaert <willaert@uia.ua.ac.be>

Topic #7  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: R. Alvarez-Nodarse <renato@dulcinea.uc3m.es>
      (slightly revised by editors)
Subject: International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials, Madrid

                        International Workshop on
               Orthogonal Polynomials in Mathematical Physics

                      in honour of Prof. Andre Ronveaux
                               June 24-26, 1996
                                  Madrid, Spain

Invited talks:

N. Atakishiev: "Difference equations and some of their solutions"

Jesus S. Dehesa: "Information theory, quantum entropy and
orthogonal polynomials"

Yuri F. Smirnov: "The Wigner-Racah algebra for $SU_q(2)$ and $SU_q(1,1)$
and q-analogs of Hahn, Kravchuk and Racah polynomials. The (quasi) exact
solvability concept on the finite difference equations"

H.T. Koelink: "Addition formulas for $q$-special functions.  Hecke
algebras and $q$-Krawtchouk polynomials"

A. Aptekarev: "Toda-type dynamics for the coefficients of recurrence

R. Koekoek: "Recent developments in the research of differential operators
for generalized (Sobolev) orthogonal polynomials"

A. Ronveaux: "Orthogonal polynomials: connection and linearization

Main Building of the Escuela Politecnica Superior.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Leganes, Madrid, Spain

Contributed Lectures:
There will be room for 10 short communications, preferably related to the
main subject of the workshop. If you want to contribute, please send an
abstract (not more than one page) as soon as possible.

A Special Monograph with the Proceedings of the Workshop will be prepared.

Registration fee:
10.000 ptas including lunch and Proceedings.
Ten grants for young researchers will be available.

Further information:
R. Alvarez-Nodarse <renato@dulcinea.uc3m.es>
and F. Marcellan <pacomarc@ing.uc3m.es>

For further information, contact:
R. Alvarez-Nodarse <renato@dulcinea.uc3m.es>
or F. Marcellan <pacomarc@ing.uc3m.es>
or visit the WWW site:

Topic #8   ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Lisa Lorentzen <lisa@imf.unit.no>
Subject: meeting on Continued Fractions and Geometric Function Theory

Haakon Waadeland celebrates his 70th birthday on 20 May 1997. He is
responsible for a long list of valuable contributions to the two fields of
continued fractions and geometric function theory, and he is still very
active. In recognition of his work we have decided to organize a
conference in his honour.  The conference will be held in Trondheim,
Norway from 24 to 28 June 1997 under the title Continued Fractions and
Geometric Function Theory. We hope to get together a group of people
representing both fields, and we would very much appreciate if you would

You are all welcome to present talks of 25 minutes + 5 minutes for
questions. (If somebody has material suited for longer or shorter
presentations, we may be able to arrange this.)

We plan to publish proceedings from the conference.

The conference has its own world wide web page on
http://www.matstat.unit.no/CFGT, where we will put new information
when it is available. From this page you can also link to pages about
Trondheim and about the university, NTNU.

If you want to receive the second announcement, please give a YES
by e-mail to the conference address: confun@imf.unit.no
before 31 May 1996.

                                  With kind regards,
                       Lisa Lorentzen, Olav Njastad, Frode Ronning

Topic #9  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Tom Koornwinder <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: new book

The following book appeared:

L.C. Biedenharn and M.A. Lohe,
Quantum group symmetry and q-tensor algebras,
World Scientific, 1995, x+293 pp.

The aim of the monograph is to develop and extend to quantum groups the
symmetry techniques familiar from the application of classical groups to
models in physics. The authors have taken a uniform approach to quantum
groups based on the fundamental concept of a tensor operator.

The book contains some results about q-special functions in connection with
quantum groups: in particular on q-analogues of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients
and Racah coefficients, and about q-hypergeometric functions in
connection with induced representations of the quantized universal
enveloping algebra for U(3).

Topic #10  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>
Subject: New book on special functions

Nico M. Temme, Special Functions: an Introduction to the Classical
Special Functions of Mathematical Physics, Wiley,
New York-Chichester-Brisbane-Toronto-Singapore, 1996, xii + 374 pp,
ISBN 0-471-11313-1.

1. Bernoulli, Euler and Stirling Numbers
2. Useful Methods and Techniques (Theorems from Analysis, Asymptotic
        Expansions of Integrals)
3. The Gamma Function
4. Differential Equations (Separating the Wave Equation, DE's in the
        Complex Plane, Sturm's Comparison Theorem, Integrals as Solutions,
        Liouville Transformation)
5. Hypergeometric Functions (includes very brief introduction to q-functions)
6. Orthogonal Polynomials
7. Confluent Hypergeometric Functions (includes many special cases)
8. Legendre Functions
9, Bessel Functions
10. Separating the Wave Equation
11. Special Statistical Distribution Functions (Error functions, Incomplete
Gammma Functions, Incomplete Beta Functions, Non-Central Chi-Squared
Distribution, Incomplete Bessel Function)
12. Elliptic Integrals and Elliptic Functions
13. Numerical Aspects of Special Functions (mainly recurrence relations)
Notations and Symbols

The author mentions that part of the material was collected from
well-known books such as those by Hochstadt, Lebedev, Olver, Rainville,
Szego, and Whittaker & Watson as well as lecture notes by Lauwerier and
Boersma.  But there is much recent material, especially in the areas of
asymptotic expansions and numerical aspects.  About half of the
approximately 200 references are dated 1975 and later.

The author states that the book "has been written with students of
mathematics, physics and engineering in mind, and also researchers in
these areas who meet special functions in their work, and for whom the
results are too scattered in the general literature." Complex analysis
(especially contour integration) would appear to be the main prerequisite.
The book is clearly written, with good motivating examples and exercises.
For example, the first chapter opens with a remarkable example of Borwein,
Borwein and Dilcher (Amer. Math. Monthly 96 (1989), 681-687 which
explains, using Euler numbers and Boole's summation formula, why the sum
of 50 000 terms of the very slowly converging alternating series for Pi/4,
though it gives an answer correct to only six digits, yet has nearly all
its first 50 digits correct.

Topic #11  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: R. Koekoek <koekoek@twi.tudelft.nl>
Subject: Koekoek-Swarttouw report on Askey-scheme

The report

 R. Koekoek and R.F. Swarttouw,
 The Askey-scheme of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and its
 Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics,
 Delft University of Technology,
 Report 94-05, 1994;

can now be retrieved electronically from Haubold's ftp site
unvie6.un.or.at, directory siam/opsf/koekoek_swarttouw, or via WWW from:


The directory contains the following files:

   - readme         : the information given in this item
   - as_info.ps     : PostScript-file with information
   - errata.ps      : PostScript-file of the list of errata (February, 1996)
   - AskeyWilson.ps : PostScript-file of the latest version (February, 1996)

So if you have a hardcopy of the original version (the above mentioned
report) you can download the files as_info.ps and errata.ps in order
to read the information and get the list of errata.  Otherwise you can
download the file AskeyWilson.ps instead of errata.ps to get the
latest version (121 pages) of the report.  The file AskeyWilson.ps is
also available in compressed form at two different ftp sites (use
binary mode for transmission):

unvie6.un.or.at, directory siam/submissions, file AskeyWilson.ps.Z

ftp.fwi.uva.nl, directory pub/mathematics/reports/Analysis/aboutothers,
file AskeyWilson.ps.gz

Topic #12  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
We would like to propose the following problem:

Can the infinite series


be expressed in terms of known functions and constants?

We do not know any solution of the problem and will be
thankful for any comments, suggestions, solutions, etc.

                  Victor Alexandrov & Rafail Krichevskii

Topic #13  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: open positions

K. Mimachi <mimachi@math.kyushu-u.ac.jp> informed me about approximately five
open positions at the assistant level (tenured) at the
Graduate School of Mathematics of  the Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan).

J. Charris <demat125@ciencias.campus.unal.edu.co> informed me about
two open tenure-track positions in mathematics at Universidad de Antioquia,
Medellin, Colombia.

Since these positions are open for mathematicians of all kinds of
specialization, not necessarily in Orthogonal polynomials and Special
functions, I will not give any details here, but just recommend interested
people to contact the email addresses mentioned above.

Topic #14  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Editors of AT-NET <at-net@math.technion.ac.il>
Subject: Change of address for AT-NET

As of the next issue, AT-NET is changing its address. It will be run
from the University of Erlangen in Erlangen, Germany. The two new editors
who will be handling AT-NET are Hans-Joachim Schmid and Hans Strauss.

Submissions to At-Net should now be sent to one of:

The same listproc program which runs At-Net at its present address will
also run AT-NET at its future address, and thus the same commands should
work. Thus to sign on to AT-NET one should send the message:
       sub at-net first_name last_name

and to get a list of subscribers, send the message:
          review at-net
also to:

Current subscribers of AT-NET need NOT subscribe to the new address.
This will, of course, be automatically done.

A new home page with back issues of AT-NET may be found at:


Topic #15  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: Paul Nevai <nevai@ops.mps.ohio-state.edu>
      (revised by editors)
Subject: searching aid for JAT home page

The home page of the Journal of Approximation Theory contains various
valuable databases. These can now be searched in a quick and efficient
way from your Unix shell, provided you have available the program lynx.
Just get the shell script "wjat" from



and easily install it in your private directory. Type   wjat -h
to learn about the various flags with which wjat can be used.

Paul Nevai adds:
Get "wjat" the jack-of-all-trades lynx interface to the databases of
Journal of Approximation Theory (JAT), with support of Constructive
Approximation (CA), East Journal on Approximations (EJA), Mathematical
Reviews (MR), Spline Bibliography Database (SPD), and (much) more. This
will be the smartest investment you have ever made or your money back.
-From the editors: You can use "wjat -O" to search back issues of OP-SF NET.

Topic #16  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: WWW and ftp addresses

A more comprehensive list of ftp and WWW addresses relevant for our field
is available at the home page of the Activity Group
WWW: http://www.math.yorku.ca/Who/Faculty/Muldoon/siamopsf/
under "Links to  WWW pages of interest to members"

This list will be regularly updated, and the changes will be mentioned
in OP-SF Net.  Please mail corrections and additions for this list to
Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>

Between January 14 and March 5, 1996 the following addresses
in this list were changed or added:

Other information:

Askey-Wilson computer algebra mini-project:
WWW: http://star.cs.vu.nl/~rene/AskeyWilson.html


Charles Dunkl:
WWW: http://fermi.clas.virginia.edu/~cfd5z/home.html

Rene Swarttouw:
WWW:  http://star.cs.vu.nl/~rene/

Topic #17  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Changes of address

Vadim Kuznetsov has moved on February 1, 1996 to Leeds:

 Department of Applied Mathematical Studies, University of Leeds
 Leeds LS2 9JT
 email: vadim@amsta.leeds.ac.uk

Topic #18  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

Hans Haubold's ftp archive for preprints in the area of Orthogonal
Polynomials and Special functions is the continuation of Waleed
Al-Salam's preprint archive.  One can approach the archive by
anonymous ftp to unvie6.un.or.at, directory siam, or at the WWW
address ftp://unvie6.un.or.at/siam .  See the file 00contents.ftpsite
in the submissions directory for the contents (titles, authors,
filenames) of the directories opsf and abstracts.  This list of
contents is in chronological order of submission.  The most recent
contributions will just reside as files in the submissions directory,
and are not yet documented in the list of contents.

Hans Haubold is sending regular info about new submissions to a large
mailing list. Please contact him <haubold@Relay1.Austria.EU.net>
if you want to be added to this mailing list or if your email address
on the list is no longer correct.

Between 4 December 1995 and 27 February 1996, the following
papers were submitted:

M.A. Pinsky, Speed of convergence of two-dimensional Fourier
integrals. (see siam/opsf/pinsky.tex).

M.S. Dijkhuizen, Some remarks on the construction of quantum
symmetric spaces. (see siam/opsf/dijkhuizen1.tex).

G. Olshanski and A. Vershik, Ergodic unitarily invariant measures
on the space of infinite Hermitian matrices. (see siam/opsf/olsh-

M. Alfaro, F. Marcellan, and M.L. Rezola, Estimates for
Jacobi-Sobolev type orthogonal polynomials.

R. W Koekoek and R.F. Swarttouw, The Askey-scheme of
hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and its q-analogue.
(directory siam/opsf/koekoek_swarttouw, files readme, as_info.ps, errata.ps,
The file AskeyWilson.ps is also available in compressed form in the
directory siam/submissions as file AskeyWilson.ps.Z

Topic #19  ----------------  OP-SF NET  ----------------- March 14, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
         to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Back issues of OP-SF Net can be obtained from
     ftp:     ftp.fwi.uva.nl, in directory
or   WWW:

or   WWW:

Contributions to the OP-SF Net 3.3 should reach the email
address  poly@siam.org  before May 1, 1996.

The Activity Group also sponsors a Newsletter edited by Wolfram Koepf.
Deadline for submissions to be included in the June 1996 issue is
May 15, 1996. Please send your Newsletter contributions directly
to the Editor:

 Wolfram Koepf
 Heilbronner Str. 10,
 D-10711 Berlin, Germany
 tel.: +49-30-896 04-216
 fax:  +49-30-896 04-125,
 email: koepf@zib-berlin.de

preferably by email, and in latex format. Other formats are also
acceptable and can be submitted by email, regular mail or fax.

Please note that submissions to the Newsletter (if not containing
mathematics symbols or pictures) are automatically considered for
publication in OP-SF Net, and vice versa, unless the writer requests

Previous issues of the Newsletter, but not the most recent one, can
be obtained as dvi or PostScript files from Wolfram Koepf's WWW homepage:


or by anonymous ftp at

   ftp.zib-berlin.de   in directory   pub/UserHome/Koepf/SIAM

In order to join the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials
and Special Functions, and thereby receive the Newsletter,
you have to become a member of SIAM. The annual dues are $93 for
SIAM plus $10 for the Group. Contact the email address join@siam.org .

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-  Send submissions to:          poly@siam.org                        -
-  Send address changes to:      poly-request@siam.org                -
-  Get back issues by ftp from:  ftp.fwi.uva.nl, in directory         -
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-  WWW home page of this Activity Group:                              -
-           http://www.math.yorku.ca/Who/Faculty/Muldoon/siamopsf/    -
-  Information on joining SIAM                                        -
-      and this activity group:  service@siam.org                     -
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-      The elected Officers of the Activity Group are:                 -
-              Charles Dunkl, Chair                                   -
-              Tom H. Koornwinder, Vice Chair and OP-SF Net editor    -
-              Nico M. Temme, Secretary                               -
-              Willard Miller, Jr., Program Director                  -
-      The appointed officers are:                                    -
-              Wolfram Koepf, Newsletter editor                       -
-              Martin Muldoon, Webmaster and OP-SF Net editor         -
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