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Today's Topics:

         1. Minisymposium on Modern Topics in Orthogonal System
         2. Errata and additions to earlier issues of OP-SF Net
         3. International Memorial Conference D.S. Mitrinovic
         4. Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations, Canterbury
         5. MSRI program on Combinatorics
         6. Workshop on Special Functions & Differential Equations, Madras
         7. Waleed Al-Salam 1926-1996
         8. Contents of Delft Proceedings
         9. Foata Festschrift
        10. New book on integral transforms
        11. Askey-Wilson computer algebra mini-project
        12. Revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification
        13. WWW and ftp addresses
        14. Changes of address
        15. ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and
                Special Functions
        16. Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
             to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Calendar of events:                                         see issue/topic:

May 13-26: CRM Workshop on the Theory of Special Functions           3.1 #8
May 22-24: Special Functions session at International Joint
  Mathematics Meeting (Antwerp)                                      3.2 #6
June 20-22: International Memorial Conference D.S. Mitrinovic        3.3 #4
June 23-27: Joint summer research conference on Random Matrices,
            Statistical Mechanics, and Painleve Transcendents        2.6 #8
             (South Hadley, Mass., USA)
June 24-26: International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials in
  Mathematical Physics (Madrid)                                      3.2 #7
July 1-5: Meeting in Canterbury on Symmetries and Integrability of
           Difference Equations                           2.4 #6 and 3.3 #4
July 1-7: XVth Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Poland      3.1 #10
July 15-20: International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in
            Physics, Goslar, Germany                                 3.1 #11
July 21-26: ICCAM 96, Leuven, Belgium                                3.1 #12
July 22-26: SIAM Annual Meeting in Kansas City                       3.2 #3
July 23 and 26: Minisymposium on Modern Topics in Orthogonal Systems
            at SIAM Annual Meeting in Kansas City                    3.3 #1
August 23-30: Workshop Transform Methods & Special Functions         2.6 #10
  (Varna, Bulgaria)
September 1 - October 25: MSRI program on
                           Enumeration and partially ordered sets    3.3 #5
September 23-28: III International Conference on Functional Analysis
         and Approximation Theory (Italy)                            3.1 #13

January 13-24: Workshop on Special Functions & Differential Equations,
                 Madras                                              3.3 #6
March 17 - May 30: MSRI program on
                     Symmetric functions and representation theory   3.3 #5
June 24-28: Continued Fractions and Geometric Function Theory        3.2 #8
            (Trondheim, Norway)

Topic #1  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Willard Miller, Jr. <miller@ima.umn.edu>
Subject: Minisymposium on Modern Topics in Orthogonal Systems

Minisymposium on Modern Topics in Orthogonal Systems

SIAG/OS is sponsoring this minisymposium at the 1996 SIAM Annual Meeting
which will be held July 22-26, 1996 at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center,
Kansas City, Missouri. The minisymposium will be devoted to two modern
extensions of the classical theory of orthogonal systems of special
functions in one real variable. The first topic is Wavelets, organized by
Gilbert G. Walter. Talks by Walter, P. R. Massopust, and T. Q. Nguyen will
be given at the first meeting of the minisymposium, 8:30-10:30 on Tuesday
morning, July 23, and there will be a talk by A. Ron at the second
meeting, 8:30-10:30, Friday, July 26. The second topic, also treated at
the Friday session, is Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials That Generalize
Jacobi Polynomials with Robert Gustafson as the speaker. Both topics are
of importance in the approximation of functions and representation of
data. Wavelets, in particular, have applications in signal processing,
medicine and biology. The titles and abstracts follow.

Improving wavelet approximations

Gilbert G. Walter
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Abstract: Discrete wavelets are orthogonal systems on the real line (or in
n-space) which generally have superior convergence properties compared to
classical systems.  However, they share a shortcoming - Gibbs' phenomenon
- which causes errors at the edge of a truncated signal or image.  It was
shown by Shim and Volkmer that this always happens for orthogonal
approximations for all continuous wavelets with sufficient decay.  It also
occurs for some interpolating approximations.  Ways of avoiding this for
both types of approximations will be presented.

Multiwavelets, Multiresolution Schemes, and Hyperbolic Conservation

Peter R. Massopust
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Abstract: Multiresolution schemes based on multiwavelets are presented.
These schemes employ a combination of interpolation and direct evaluation
and are a generalization of earlier work by A. Harten.  It is shown how
such multiresolution schemes can be used to obtain accurate and
computationally efficient numerical weak solutions of partial differential
equations arising in computational fluid dynamics.  The emphasis is on
one-dimensional problems but extensions to higher dimensions will be
indicated.  Numerical experiments are given.

Image Coding Using Shift-Invariant Dyadic Wavelet Transform

Y.Hui, University of Wisconsin - Madison
C.W.Kok, University of Wisconsin - Madison
T.Q.Nguyen, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Abstract: A new class of wavelet filters, shift-invariant wavelet filters,
is proposed for the purpose of image compression.  The existing approaches
obtain the shift-invariant wavelet transform by finding the path in the
decomposition tree that minimizes shift-variance with respect to the given
cost function.  This procedure is signal dependent and is inefficient for
image compression, since the subband decomposition has to be performed for
all shifts of input signal during processing time.  The proposed
shift-invariant wavelet transform has better shift-invariant property
compared with the conventional dyadic wavelet transform without changing
the structure of it.  Two bit allocation schemes, which are suitable for
the proposed shift-invariant wavelet transform coding, are proposed and
evaluated.  Experimental results show that the shift-invariant wavelet
transform has better energy compaction property in image coding compared
to the conventional wavelet transform.

Multivariate symmetric orthogonal polynomials generalizing Jacobi
polynomials and interpolation on symmetric lattices in $R^n$

Robert A. Gustafson
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Abstract: We discuss a family of multivariate symmetric orthogonal
polynomials which have expansion formulas (as multivariate hypergeometric
series) and properties similar to classical Jacobi polynomials. We also
discuss discrete analogs of these polynomials. In the construction of
these orthogonal polynomials, we use a new family of inhomogeneous
symmetric polynomials, generalizing the classical symmetric functions
(Schur functions). These new symmetric polynomials can be used in
interpolation problems for symmetric functions on multidimensional
symmetric lattices.

Wavelet frames - a new approach

Amos Ron, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Zuowei Shen, National University of Singapore

Abstract: We unravel the structure of wavelet system with the aid of two
new notions:  the affine product, and a quasi-affine system. This leads
to a characterization of affine frames; the induced characterization of
tight affine frames is in terms of exact orthogonality relations.  A
general oversampling theorem trivially follow from these characterizations.
 Most importantly, the affine product can be factored during a
multiresolution analysis construction, and this leads to a very simple
sufficient condition for constructing tight frames from multiresolution.
Of particular importance are the facts that the underlying scaling
function does not need to satisfy any a-priori conditions, and that the
freedom offered by redundancy can be fully exploited in these

Topic #2  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: errata and additions to earlier issues of OP-SF Net

Re: OP-SF Net 3.1, Topic #10 (XVth Workshop on Geometric Methods in
Physics, Bialowieza, Poland)

This meeting does not take place in 1997 but in 1996:

         XVth Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics
        Quantizations, deformations and coherent states
               Bialowieza, Poland, July 1-7, 1996

Re: OP-SF Net 3.2, Topic #6 (Special Functions session at International
Joint Mathematics Meeting, Antwerp, Belgium)

The title of H. Bavinck's lecture has changed to
"A new result for Laguerre, Charlier, and Meixner polynomials"

Topic #3  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Gradimir V. Milovanovic <milovanovic@iprvs1.univ-pau.fr>
Subject: International Memorial Conference D.S. Mitrinovic

Editors' note: the following was adapted from the first and second
announcements of the conference.

         *   "International Memorial Conference D.S. Mitrinovic"   *
         *                    June 20-22, 1996                     *
         *                Nis, Serbia, Yugoslavia                  *

The following institutions:

          - Serbian Scientific Society, Belgrade,
          - Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade,
          - Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis,
          - Institute of Mathematics SANU, Belgrade,

organize an International conference devoted to memory of the outstanding

               Professor Dragoslav S. Mitrinovic

and his scientific work.  The Conference will be held in Nis, Serbia,
Yugoslavia from June 20-22, 1996. The location is the Faculty of
Electronic Engineering, Beogradska 14, 18000

The topics of the conference are:

          - Approximation Theory
          - Complex Analysis
          - Differential, Integral and Functional Equations
          - General Inequalities
          - Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
          - Possible other relevant topics

The deadline for submitting papers has already passed.

The accepted papers will be published in three volumes dedicated to
Professor Mitrinovic. The titles of volumes will be as follows:


The approximate number of pages per volume will be 400. The appearance of
the first volume is expected ahead of the conference, whereas the other
two will appear later. All volumes will be comprised of survey and
contribution papers. Survey papers, due to their length, content and
scientific value may be considered as book chapters, and therefore, could
be of great interest to the wide range of mathematicians.  Also, the
authors are well-known and have made  significant contributions to the
relevant topics. All interested mathematicians who wish to attend
the conference are welcomed and could send their applications to the
Organizing Committee until April 30, 1996.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Prof. Gradimir V. Milovanovic, Chair
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Department of Mathematics
P.O. Box 73, Beogradska 14
18000 Nis, Yugoslavia.

e-mail: milovanovic@iprvs1.univ-pau.fr   and/or

Topic #4  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations, Canterbury

The Conference on Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations,
University of Kent, Canterbury, July 1st-5th 1996 was announced in
OP-SF Net 2.4, Topic #6. A second announcement, with a preliminary list
of speakers and information about registration is now available at WWW:

Topic #5  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: MSRI program on Combinatorics

The MSRI, Berkeley organizes during 1996-97 a full-year program on
Combinatorics. The program focuses on four main areas of approximately
half a semester each. During each of these four periods there will be a
one-week workshop. See WWW: http://www.msri.org/application/comb.html

Two of the areas may have some relevance for readers of OP-SF Net:

Enumeration and partially ordered sets: September 1 - October 25, 1996.
Workshop: October 14-18.
Combinatorial identities (especially computer proofs); conjectures on
monotone triangles and plane partitions; enumeration and classification of
tilings; combinatorial problems arising from statistical mechanics and
knot theory; combinatorial properties of Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials;
q-analogues and quantum groups.

The workshop is being organized by Lynne Butler, Ira Gessel, Rodica Simion
(chair), and Michelle Wachs. The program of the workshop revolves around
enumerative and order-theoretic aspects in the study of combinatorial
structures. Included among the workshop topics are:

      Plane partitions
      Alternating sign matrices
      Enumerative aspects of group algebras and symmetric functions
      Combinatorics of orthogonal polynomials
      Computer algebra
      Combinatorial, topological, and algebraic aspects of the theory of
        partially ordered sets

For more information:
WWW: http://www.msri.org/sched/CombPosets.html
email: posets@msri.org

Symmetric functions and representation theory: March 17 - May 30, 1997.
Workshop: April 14-18

Macdonald's two-parameter symmetric functions and the corresponding two
variable Kostka polynomial; immanent conjectures of Lieb, Goulden-Jackson,
Stembridge, et al.; constant term identities and their connection with
nilpotent Lie algebras and cyclic homology; random walks on groups and
shuffling problems; internal products of symmetric functions; invariant

The workshop is being organized by Curtis Greene (Chair), Sergey Fomin,
Phil Hanlon, and Sheila Sundaram.
Scope: In recent years there have been many exciting developments in areas
that link combinatorics (especially the theory of symmetric functions)
with representation theory and algebraic geometry. This workshop will
focus on current problems in these areas, emphasizing the interplay
between algebraic and combinatorial methods. The program will include the
following topics, as well as others:

      Schur functions and their generalizations
      Combinatorics and representations of finite Coxeter groups
      Quantum groups and Hecke algebras
      Centralizer algebras
      Homology representations

For more information:
WWW: http://www.msri.org/sched/CombSymfns.html
email: symfns@msri.org

Topic #6  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: K. Srinivasa Rao <wssf97@imsc.ernet.in>
Subject: Workshop on Special Functions & Differential Equations, Madras
(shortened by OP-SF Net editor)

        Workshop on Special Functions & Differential Equations, Madras
                      January 13-24, 1997
                          Madras, India

This is a Workshop in the field of Special Functions, Differential
Equations and closely related topics, to be held at the Institute of
Mathematical Sciences (I.M.Sc.), Madras during Jan. 13-24, 1997.
Mini-series of lectures by experts will introduce the recent trends and
developments in the topics listed. The objective of the Workshop is to
bring together experts and active research students, to help strengthening
of research activities at the universities and research institutions in
this ever green-area.

Topics include:
 Special Functions
 Differential Equations
 Orthogonal Polynomials (One/Several Variables)
 Group Theory and Special Functions
 Difference Equations
 q-Special Functions
 Quantum Groups and Special Functions
 Numerical Methods
 Algebraic/Symbolic Computer Packages

Plenary speakers include (* means: to be confirmed):
 R.P. Agarwal (India)
 B C. Berndt (U.S.A) *
 F. Calogero (Italy)
 H.D. Doebner (Germany)*
 R.F. Gustafson (U.S.A.)*
 E. Kalnins (New Zealand)
 T.H. Koornwinder (Netherlands)
 M. Lakshmanan (India)
 H.L. Manocha (India)
 S.C. Milne (U.S.A.) *
 M. Lohe (Australia)
 T.D. Palev (Bulgaria)
 C. Quesne (Belgium)
 A. Ronveaux (Belgium)
 T.S. Santhanam (U.S.A.)
 W. Van Assche (Belgium)*
 G. Vanden Berghe (Belgium)
 J. Van der Jeugt (Belgium)
 A. Verma (India)
 L. Vinet (Canada)
 M. Waldschmidt (France)
 P. Winternitz (Canada)

There is an international Advisory Committee and a local Organizing

Participation Participants should be active research scientists, students,
in the field of Special Functions, Differential Equations and related
topics. Interested candidates should send by e-mail (or on plain paper)
details giving their name, address, age, qualifications, present position
and a resume of research work done.  (Maximum number of participants:
about 60)

Financial support for train travel, board and lodging will be
provided to some of the participants. Registration Fee: US$ 100
(Rs.200 for Indian participants)

Last date for receiving application: October 14, 1996
Further information: WWW: http://www.imsc.ernet.in/~wssf97/
or by sending a message to:

Prof. K. Srinivasa Rao
Convener, Workshop on Special Functions & Differential Equations
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (I.M.Sc.)
CIT Campus, Tharamani
Madras 600113, India
email: wssf97@imsc.ernet.in
fax: +91-44-235 0586

Topic #7  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>
Subject: Waleed Al-Salam 1926-1996

Friends and colleagues are saddened by news of the passing, a few months
short of his 70th birthday, of Waleed Al-Salam, Professor Emeritus of
Mathematics at the University of Alberta.  Born on July 15, 1926 in
Baghdad, Iraq, he died on April 14, 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Waleed studied at the University of California, Berkeley, earning a
Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics in 1950 and a M.A. in Mathematics
in 1951.  He returned to Baghdad as an Instructor at the College of
Science for a few years, before enrolling for the Ph.D. at Duke
University.  He completed the degree in 1958 with a thesis "On the Bessel
Polynomials" written under the supervision of Leonard Carlitz.  By this
time he was already a regular contributor to the periodical literature
with some 20 published articles on a variety of topics in orthogonal
polynomials and special functions.

After completing his Ph.D., Waleed returned to the College of Science in
Baghdad as Associate Professor.  Coming back to North America in 1962, he
eventually (1966) took a position at the University of Alberta, where he
was Professor of Mathematics from 1967 until his retirement in 1992.
Waleed continued to contribute to several areas related to orthogonal
polynomials; his CV lists over 80 articles. Areas covered by his work
include characterization theorems (see his survey article in pp. 1-24 of
P. Nevai, ed., Orthogonal Polynomials: Theory and Practice, Kluwer, 1990),
Turan expressions, generating functions, summation formulas, q-analogs,
and fractional operators.  He and his collaborators did much work on
various special and generalized systems of orthogonal polynomials.  The
Al-Salam-Carlitz polynomials (1965) are still frequently cited; see, e.g.,
the papers of R. Askey and S. K. Suslov in Lett. Math. Phys. 29 (1993),
123-132 and J. Phys. A 20 (1993), L693-L698.  The Al-Salam-Chihara
polynomials (1976) play an important role in the Askey-Wilson scheme of
basic hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials.

Waleed supervised the Ph.D work of Bill Allaway (1972) and Mourad Ismail
(1974), and conducted joint work with a variety of people at Alberta and
elsewhere.  In later years, these included Ted Chihara, A. Verma, Mourad
Ismail and Waleed's wife, Nadhla Al-Salam, also on the faculty at Alberta,
and a member of this Activity Group.

On his retirement in 1992, Waleed decided to put his expertise and energy
at the disposal of the orthogonal polynomials community by starting and
maintaining an ftp site for papers in the area. This effort prospered and
he continued to oversee it until last year when his failing health made it
necessary to pass the task to Hans Haubold at the UN Office in Vienna.
Waleed had been diagnosed with leukemia in 1993 and this was to reduce his
active participation in conferences in subsequent years.  Nevertheless,
with Nadhla's constant support, he still managed to travel and old and new
friends were able to benefit from his knowledge and enjoy his optimistic
and humorous personality.

Topic #8  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>
Subject: Contents of Delft Proceedings

The Proceedings of the International Conference on "Orthogonality, Moment
Problems and Continued Fractions" (dedicated to Thomas Jan Stieltjes Jr.)
and held October 31--November 4, 1994 at Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands, have now appeared, in Journal of Computational and
Applied Mathematics, Volume 65, December 1995.  We thank the volume
editor, Marcel G. de Bruin, for supplying us with a LaTeX version of the
table of contents, from which the text below has been prepared.


M. G. de  Bruin,  Preface,  p.1

R. \'Alvarez-Nodarse, A.G. Garc\'ia, and F. Marcell\'an, On the
properties for modifications of classical orthogonal polynomials of
discrete variables, p.3

H. Bavinck, The zeros of a certain linear combination of Chebyshev
polynomials, p.19

C. Berg, Indeterminate moment problems and the theory of entire
functions, p.27

A. Bultheel, p. Gonz\'alez-Vera and R. Orive, On the convergence of
general two-point Pad\'e approximants to Stieltjes functions. Part I.
Algebraic aspects, p.57

W. C. Connett and A.L. Schwartz, Subsets of R which support hypergroups
with polynomial characters, p.73

H. Dette, On the minimum of the Christoffel function,  p. 85

K. Diethelm, Gaussian quadrature formulae of the third kind for Cauchy
principal value integrals: Basic properties and error estimates, p. 97

J. Dombrowski and S. Pedersen, Orthogonal polynomials, spectral measures
and absolute continuity, p. 115

K.A. Driver, Nondiagonal quadratic Hermite-Pad\'e approximation to the
exponential function, p. 125

S. Ehrlich, Asymptotic behaviour of Stieltjes polynomials for
ultraspherical weight functions, p. 135

D. Fasino, Spectral properties of Hankel matrices and numerical solutions
of finite moment problems, p. 145

D.P. Gupta and D.R. Masson, Contiguous relations, continued fractions and
orthogonality: an _8\phi_7 model, p. 157

E.K. Ifantis and P.D. Siafarikas, An alternative proof of a theorem of
Stieltjes and related results, p. 165

I.H. Jung, K.H. Kwon, D.W. Lee and L.L. Littlejohn, Differential equations
and Sobolev orthogonality, p. 173

V.A. Kaliaguine, The operator moment problem, vector continued fractions
and an explicit form of the Favard theorem for vector orthogonal
polynomials, p. 181

M. Kijima and E.A. van Doorn, Weighted sums of orthogonal polynomials with
positive zeros, p. 195

A.B.J. Kuijlaars, Chebyshev quadrature for measures with a strong
singularity, p. 207

S. Lewanowicz, Results on the associated classical orthogonal polynomials,
p. 215

L. Lorentzen, A convergence question inspired by Stieltjes and by value
sets in continued fraction theory, p. 233

A.P. Magnus, Special non uniform lattice (snul) orthogonal polynomials on
discrete sets of points, p. 253

F. Marcell\'an, J.C. Petronilho, T.E. P\'erez and M.A. Pi\~nar, What is
beyond coherent pairs of orthogonal polynomials?, p. 267

G. Mastroianni, Some weighted polynomial inequalities,  p. 279

D.M. Matjila, Bounds for weighted Lebesgue functions for Freud weights on
a larger interval, p.  293

M.E. Muldoon,  Electrostatics and zeros of Bessel functions,  p. 299

O. Nj\aa stad, Extremal solutions of the strong Stieltjes moment problem,
p. 309

F. Peherstorfer, Stieltjes polynomials and functions of the second kind,
p. 319

F. Peherstorfer and R. Steinbauer, Characterization of orthogonal
polynomials with respect to a functional, p. 339

M. R\"osler, Trigonometric convolution structures on Z derived from Jacobi
polynomials, p. 357

A. Sinap, Gaussian quadrature for matrix valued functions on the real
line, p. 369

F.H. Szafraniec, A method of localizing the spectra of sequences of
orthogonal polynomials, p. 387

N.M. Temme, Uniform asymptotic expansions of integrals: a selection of
problems, p. 395

G. Valent and W. Van Assche, The impact of Stieltjes' work on orthogonal
polynomials: additional material, p. 419

M. Voit, Limit theorems for random walks on the double coset spaces
U(n)/U(n-1) for n \to \infty, p. 449

List of talks presented at the conference, p. 461
List of registered participants, p. 464
Author Index, p. 469

Topic #9  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Tom H. Koornwinder <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Foata Festschrift

A special issue of The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics appeared which is
dedicated to Dominique Foata on the occasion of his 60th birthday.
It is Volume 3 (2) (1996), WWW:


It contains 25 contributions, some of which are in the field of orthogonal
polynomials or relevant for this field. I mention a few and I recommend
the reader to inspect the contents for other titles:

R1: Daniel Barsky and Michel Carpentier,
             Polynomes de Jacobi generalises et integrales de Selberg (33pp)
R13: Doron Zeilberger,
             Proof of the alternating sign matrix conjecture (84pp)
               (see also the comments file)
R16: Shalosh B. Ekhad and J. E. Majewicz,
             A short WZ-style proof of Abel's identity (1 p)
R17: Dominique Dumont and Armand Ramamonjisoa,
             Grammaire de Ramanujan et arbres de Cayley (18pp)
R19: Marko Petkov\vsek and Herbert S. Wilf,
        A high-tech proof of the Mills-Robbins-Rumsey determinant formula
        (3 pp.)
R20: Alun Morris and A. A. Abdel-Aziz,
             Schur Q-functions and spin characters of symmetric groups
                    I (14pp)
R21: George E. Andrews,
             Pfaff's method (III): Comparison with the WZ method (18pp)
R24: A. M. Garsia and M. Haiman,
             Some natural bigraded S_n-modules (60pp)
               (related to Macdonald polynomials)

Topic #10  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: S.B. Yakubovich <root@nti.bsu.minsk.by>
Subject: New book on integral transforms

The following book has appeared:

S.B. Yakubovich,
Index Transforms,
World Scientific, Singapore. London. Hong Kong, 1996.
264 pp.

"This book deals with the theory and some applications of integral
transforms that involve integration with respect to an index or parameter
of special functions of hypergeometric type as the kernel (index
transforms). The basic index transforms are considered, such as the
Kontorovich-Lebedev transform, the Mehler-Fock transform, the Olevskii
transform, the Lebedev-Skalskaya transforms. The Lp theory of index
transforms is discussed and new index transforms and convolution
constructions are demonstrated. For the first time, the essentially
multidimensional Kontorovich-Lebedev transform is announced.  The book is
self-contained, and includes a list of symbols with definitions, author
and subject indices, and an up-to-date bibliography".

Topic #11 -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: Tom Koornwinder <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Askey-Wilson computer algebra mini-project

As described in OP-SF Net 3.1, Topic #16, Rene Swarttouw is working during
the period January-June 1996 at RIACA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands on a
project "A computer implementation of the Askey-Wilson scheme". The
purpose of the project is to make a start with bringing the report

 R. Koekoek and R.F. Swarttouw,
 The Askey-scheme of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and its
 Report 94-05, Delft University of Technology, Faculty TWI, 1994.

to the form of an interactive book, with facilities for symbolic
manipulation of formulas.

Further information about this project is now available from WWW:

-From there you can also download a preliminary version of the electronic
-book version. It is a dvi file named AW.dvi, which is equipped with
-hyperlinks. This file can be read by using the program xhdvi. Consult also
-the above WWW site for the way to obtain xhdvi. There is another version
-available which can be read via Netscape. It uses a dvi viewer created by
-Garth Dickie.

Swarttouw is also working on a package for calculating formulas for
orthogonal polynomials belonging to the Askey-scheme by Maple. At the
mentioned WWW site there is an online facility to do some of these
computations, for which you do not need to have Maple on your own
computer. The present demos use Maple procedures written by Wolfram Koepf.

Topic #12  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

Editor's note (THK):
The following was taken from Notices AMS, December 1995, p.1547, see also
WWW: http://www.ams.org/committee/publications/msc-2000-let.html
I suggest that you send suggestions for revision of numbers 33
(Special functions), 42Cxx (Nontrigonometric Fourier analysis) and 44
(Integral transforms, operational calculus) also to the editors of
OP-SF Net, in order that a summary of suggestions for this subject can
be listed, and maybe discussed here.

Note from Notices AMS:
Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme Revision

To the Mathematical Community:

The editors of Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik
have initiated the process of revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject
Classification, which is used by both journals as their classification
system. The editors do not plan a radical revision of the present 1991
system, but it is clear that some changes will be needed in order to
accommodate recent developments in mathematical research.

It will be necessary to have this revision completed by the end of 1998 so
that it can begin to be used in Current Mathematical Publications in mid
1999, and in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik
beginning in 2000.

We hereby solicit comments and suggestions from the mathematical community
to be considered in this revision process. These should be submitted by
June, 1997. The preferred method of communication is by e-mail:

msc2000@ams.org or msc2000@zblmath.fiz-karlsruhe.de

(Comments and suggestions may also be sent to either one of us at the
addresses given below.)  We are eager that research mathematicians and
scholars have input in this revision process as soon as possible.

   R. Keith Dennis                    Bernd Wegner
   Executive Editor                   Chefredakteur
   Mathematical Reviews               Zentralblatt f|r Mathematik

Topic #13 -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: WWW and ftp addresses

A more comprehensive list of ftp and WWW addresses relevant for our field
is available at the home page of the Activity Group
WWW: http://www.math.yorku.ca/Who/Faculty/Muldoon/siamopsf/
under "Links to  WWW pages of interest to members"

This list will be regularly updated, and the changes will be mentioned
in OP-SF Net.  Please mail corrections and additions for this list to
Martin Muldoon <muldoon@mathstat.yorku.ca>

Between March 5 and May 12, 1996 the following addresses
in this list were changed or added:


Center of Hypergeometric Systems, Kobe, Japan:

Other information:

Askey-Wilson computer algebra mini-project:
WWW: http://www.can.nl/~renes/index.html


David Bressoud:
WWW: http://www.math.macalstr.edu/~bressoud/

Mathijs Dijkhuizen:
WWW: http://www.math.s.kobe-u.ac.jp/HOME/dijkhuizen/index.html

Paul Floris:
WWW: http://www.math.s.kobe-u.ac.jp/HOME/floris/index.html

Erik Koelink:
WWW: http://turing.fwi.uva.nl/~koelink/

Tom Koornwinder:
WWW: http://turing.fwi.uva.nl/~thk/

Katsuhisa Mimachi
WWW: http://www.math.s.kobe-u.ac.jp/HOME/mimachi/index.html

Masatoshi Noumi
WWW: http://www.math.s.kobe-u.ac.jp/HOME/noumi/index.html

Toshio Oshima
WWW: http://akagi.ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~oshima/

Nico Temme:
WWW: http://www.cwi.nl/~nicot/

Walter Van Assche:

Topic #14 -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Changes of address

Jan Felipe van Diejen has moved in April 1996 from Tokyo to Montreal:

  Centre de Recherches Mathematiques
  Universite de Montreal
  C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-ville
  Montreal (Quebec)
  H3C 3J7 Canada

  Phone :  +1-514-343-6111 ext. 4068
  Fax   :  +1-514-343-2254
  E-mail:  vandieje@crm.umontreal.ca

Topic #15  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

Hans Haubold's ftp archive for preprints in the area of Orthogonal
Polynomials and Special functions is the continuation of Waleed Al-Salam's
preprint archive.  One can approach the archive by anonymous ftp to
unvie6.un.or.at, directory siam, or at the WWW address
ftp://unvie6.un.or.at/siam .  See the file 00contents.ftpsite in the
submissions directory for the contents (titles, authors, filenames) of the
directories opsf and abstracts.  This list of contents is in chronological
order of submission.  The most recent contributions will just reside as
files in the submissions directory, and are not yet documented in the list
of contents.

Hans Haubold is sending regular info about new submissions to a large
mailing list. Please contact him <haubold@Relay1.Austria.EU.net>
if you want to be added to this mailing list or if your email address
on the list is no longer correct.

Between 27 February and 10 April 1996, the following
papers were submitted:

W. Koepf and D. Schmersau, On the De Branges theorem.
(siam/opsf/koepf/deBranges.ps, deBranges.tex)

W. Koepf and D. Schmersau, Weinstein's functions and the
Askey-Gasper identity.
(siam/opsf/koepf/weinstein.ps, weinstein.tex)

W. Koepf, The algebra of holonomic equations.
(siam/opsf/koepf/holonomic.ps, holonomic.tex)

N.M. Temme, Uniform asymptotics for the incomplete gamma
functions starting from negative values of the parameters.

J.F. van Diejen, Properties of some families of hypergeometric
polynomials in several variables.

Topic #16  -----------------  OP-SF NET  ------------------ May 16, 1996
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@fwi.uva.nl>
Subject: Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
         to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Back issues of OP-SF Net can be obtained from
     ftp:     ftp.fwi.uva.nl, in directory
or   WWW:

or   WWW:

Contributions to the OP-SF Net 3.4 should reach the email
address  poly@siam.org  before July 1, 1996.

The Activity Group also sponsors a Newsletter edited by Wolfram Koepf.
Deadline for submissions to be included in the June 1996 issue is May 15,
1996. Please send your Newsletter contributions directly to the Editor:

 Wolfram Koepf
 Heilbronner Str. 10,
 D-10711 Berlin, Germany
 tel.: +49-30-896 04-216
 fax:  +49-30-896 04-125,
 email: koepf@zib-berlin.de

preferably by email, and in latex format. Other formats are also
acceptable and can be submitted by email, regular mail or fax.

Please note that submissions to the Newsletter (if not containing
mathematics symbols or pictures) are automatically considered for
publication in OP-SF Net, and vice versa, unless the writer requests

Previous issues of the Newsletter, but not the most recent one, can
be obtained as dvi or PostScript files from Wolfram Koepf's WWW homepage:


or by anonymous ftp at

   ftp.zib-berlin.de   in directory   pub/UserHome/Koepf/SIAM

In order to join the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials
and Special Functions, and thereby receive the Newsletter,
you have to become a member of SIAM. The annual dues are $93 for
SIAM plus $10 for the Group. Contact the email address join@siam.org .

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