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Today's Topics:

     1. Minisymposium on "Handbooks for Special Functions and the
                             World Wide Web"
     2. First ISAAC Conference, Delaware, June 1997
     3. Report on Second International Workshop Transform Methods &
          Special Functions: Varna, Bulgaria, August 23-30, 1996
     4. Spanish Computer Algebra Group on Orthogonal Polynomials
     5. Steele Prize for Bruce Berndt
     6. Joaquin Bustoz receives mentoring award
     7. CPC Program Library
     8. Physics Express Letters free on WWW
     9. Stieltjes Proceedings Volume
    10. Revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification
    11. Question about Heine polynomials
    12. ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and Special
    13. Changes of Address, WWW pages. etc.
    14. Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
         to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Calendar of events:                                         see issue/topic:

January 13-24: Workshop on Special Functions & Differential
      Equations, Madras                                             3.3 #6
March 10-15: Workshop on Calogero-Moser-Sutherland Systems
        in Montreal                                                3.6 #23
March 17 - May 30: MSRI program on Symmetric functions and
        representation theory                                       3.3 #5
May 22-24: Centenary Conference, including minisymposium on special
    functions in Madison, Wisconsin                                 3.4 #5
June 3-7: First ISAAC Conference (International Society for Analysis,
    its  Applications and Computation) in Newark, Delaware          4.1 #2
June 9-20: CRM Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics, Montreal        3.5 #4
June 24-28: Continued Fractions and Geometric Function Theory
            (Trondheim, Norway)                                     3.2 #8
July 14-18: SIAM 45th Anniversary Meeting, Stanford, California
    including Minisymposium on "Handbooks for Special Functions
     and the World Wide Web"                                        4.1 #
July 14-18: 9th International Conference on Formal Power Series
  and Algebraic Combinatorics, Vienna, Austria                      3.4 #7
September 22-26: VIII Simposium sobre Polinomios Ortogonales y
   Aplicaciones, Seville, Spain                                     3.5 #5

Topic #1  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 ------------- January 15,1997
From: Willard Miller, Jr. <miller@ima.umn.edu>
Subject: Minisymposium on "Handbooks for Special Functions and the
                             World Wide Web"

The minisymposium will be held at the July 14-18 1997 SIAM Annual Meeting
in Stanford as an initiative of the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal
Polynomials and Special Functions.  Dick Askey and Willard Miller are
co-organizers. The principal handbooks on special functions, the "Bateman
Project" and the NIST "Handbook of Mathematical Functions" are among the
most useful, widely consulted technical volumes ever published, but they
are now out of date, due to rapid research progress and to revolutionary
changes in technology. The Minisymposium will feature talks by
representatives of the groups that are proposing to update the Bateman
Project and Abramowitz & Stegun, respectively, and talks with critiques of
those CD-Rom and WWW handbook projects that are already available. The
Minisymposium will conclude with a general discussion concerning the
appropriate format and structure for handbook projects, and funding
possibilities.  The speakers will include Mourad Ismail, Dan Lozier and
Dick Askey, among others.

Willard Miller, Jr.

Topic #2  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 -------------- January 15, 1997
From: Wolfram Koepf <koepf@zib.de>
Subject: First ISAAC Conference, Delaware, June 1997

Dear Colleagues:

As you already know (see OP-SF Net 3.5, Topic #3), I am organizing Session
13 on "Orthogonal Polynomials"  at the First ISAAC Conference, University
of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, June 3-7, 1997. Note that the conference is
scheduled one day later than originally stated to enable the participants
to get cheap flights. The emphasis of this session will be on the use of
symbolic computation in connection with orthogonal polynomials and special
functions. It is the purpose of the proposed section to bring together
developers of symbolic algorithms and implementations which are connected
with orthogonal polynomials and special functions with users of computer
algebra systems who need this type of software.

The Conference Secretary of the First ISAAC Conference is

        Pam Irwin
        Department of Mathematics
        University of Delaware
        email: irwin@math.udel.edu

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact her.

The conference has its WWW page at the address


where also travel and hotel information is available, and at


there is an online registration form available.

The WWW page


contains updated informations about the program of Session 13 on
"Orthogonal Polynomials". Up to now the program is as follows:

Victor Adamchik         On Series Involving the Riemann Zeta Function

Renato Alvarez-Nodarse  Differential and Difference Equations for
                        Orthogonal Polynomials: A Computer Algebra Approach

Tewodros Amdeberhan     Computer Aided Proofs of a Determinant Identity

Ivan Area               Inversion Problems for Classical Orthogonal
E. Godoy                Polynomials and their q-analogues
A. Ronveaux
A. Zarzo:

Richard Askey           Some Problems on Orthogonal Polynomials

Natig M. Atakishiyev    On the Fourier-Gauss Transforms of some
                        q-exponential and q-trigonometric Functions

Yang Chen               Asymptotics of the Largest Zeros of Some
Mourad E. H. Ismail     Orthogonal Polynomials

Charles Dunkl           Using Maple to Explore Special Functions of
                        Several Variables

Wolfram Koepf           Algorithms for Classical Orthogonal Polynomials
Dieter Schmersau

Tom H. Koornwinder      rec2ortho: An Algorithm for Identifying Orthogonal
Rene Swarttouw          Polynomials Given by Their Three-Term Recurrence
                        Relation as Special Functions

John Majewicz           On a Positivity Conjecture of Richard Askey

Kelly Roach             Maple and Orthogonal Polynomials

Andre Ronveaux          Recurrence Relations for Connecting Coefficients
                        Between Some Orthogonal Polynomials Families--A
                        Simple Algorithm (Mathematica)

Alan Schwartz           Polynomials of Several Variables and Harmonic Analysis

Walter J. Van Assche    Some Examples of Computer Experiments in Research
                        on Orthogonal Systems

Rafael Yanhez           no title yet

A. Zarzo                Spectral Properties of Orthogonal Polynomials:
                        A Computer Algebra Approach

Doron Zeilberger        The Super-Holonomic Hierarchy

Obviously I am also delighted about everybody who would like to participate
at our session without giving a talk. Looking at the list of speakers, I
am sure that this session will be a great success.

Wolfram Koepf

Topic #3  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: Rudolf Gorenflo <gorenflo@math.fu-berlin.de>
Subject: Report on Second International Workshop Transform Methods &
    Special Functions: Varna, Bulgaria, August 23-30, 1996

The following report appeared in our October 1996 printed Newsletter.

This workshop, whose scientific program lasted from August
24 to August 29, 1996, was organized by:

  1. Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of

  2. Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences of Technical
       University Sofia;

  3. Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians;

  4. Union of Scientists in Bulgaria;

  5. Istituto per la Ricerca di Base (Monteroduni, Italy).

It took place in the hotels Magnolia and Detelina, north of Varna, with a
wide view of the Black Sea. It was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of
the birth of the Bulgarian mathematician Academician Nikola Obrechkoff
(1896-1963, born in Varna) who did pioneering work in such diverse fields
as analysis, algebra, number theory, numerical analysis, summation of
divergent series, probability and statistics.  The workshop was attended
by more than seventy participants from twenty countries, alphabetically
from Australia to Vietnam, the largest groups coming from Poland (20),
Bulgaria (12) and Japan (7).

After the opening ceremonies (which included a greeting speech from
Varna's Mayor and an appreciation of Obrechkoff and his achievements by
I. Dimovski (Sofia) the series of lectures commenced with a plenary
lecture by Prof. E.R. Love from Melbourne (Australia), the oldest
participant at the Conference, on his joint work with M.N. Hunter on
"Expansions in series of Legendre functions".

In total there were six plenary lectures, presented by E.R. Love (title
already mentioned), F. Mainardi (Bologna, Italy) on "Applications of
fractional calculus in mechanics", R. Gorenflo (Berlin, Germany) on "The
tomato salad problem in spherical stereology", P.G. Rooney (Toronto,
Canada) on "The ranges of Mellin multiplier transformations",
H.M. Srivastava (Victoria, Canada) on "Some operational techniques in the
theory of special functions", and Vu Kim Tuan (Kuwait) on "Integral
transforms and supports of functions". Then 63 lectures were presented in
(up to three)  parallel sessions with headings "Integral Transforms and
Special Functions", "Fractional Calculus", "Special Functions",
"Geometric Theory of Functions", "Differential Equations", "Integral
Transforms & Operational Calculi", "Mathematical Analysis and
Applications", "Integral Transforms", "Varia". In addition, in the
closing session P. Rusev, I. Dimovski and V. Kiryakova lectured on
"Obrechkoff's generalization of Descartes' rule" and "Obrechkoff's
integral transforms".

The conference ended with a final ceremony in which P. Antosik (Katowice,
Poland) distributed prizes (to the three largest delegations) and praise
(to individuals).

In the lectures, besides some educational reviews, many new research
results were presented. This reporter, due to the multiple sessions, could
not attend all the talks; however he feels it appropriate to mention three
of them he considered special highlights in that they gave impressive
recent results, obtained just in the few weeks preceding the conference.
They were two lectures by P.L. Butzer and S. Jansche (Aachen, Germany) on
"The Mellin transform, finite Mellin transform and Mellin-Fourier
transform", "The Mellin-Poisson summation formula and the exponential
sampling theorem", and the plenary lecture by Vu Kim Tuan. In many
lectures the importance of special and of general types of special
functions for applications inside and outside of mathematics was stressed.
Particular mention should be made of hypergeometric functions and their
generalizations, H and G functions, confluent hypergeometric functions,
Bessel functions, Mittag-Leffler functions, and various types of
orthogonal polynomials.

The program also provided a two-hour plenary discussion on "Physical and
geometrical meanings and applications of fractional calculus operators"
that was well attended and opened stimulating aspects. Topics of
discussion were, among other things, some problems raised in
H.M. Srivastava's collection of "Open questions for further researches on
fractional calculus and its applications" (pp. 281-284 in K. Nishimoto,
ed., Fractional Calculus and its Applications, Nihon University, Tokyo
1990). In particular, arguments were exchanged on the question whether
there is a relationship between fractional calculus and fractal geometry
or whether the only relationship is the coincidence of the first five
characters of the words "fractional" and "fractal".  Fortunately, the
discussion did not stick to this problem.

The meeting was framed, thanks to the organizers P.  Rusev, I. Dimovski,
V.  Kiryakova, L. Boyadjiev (all from Sofia) and Sh. Kalla (Kuwait), by an
appealing social program (reception, on August 27 a whole-day excursion to
the old town Shumen, 100 km to the west of Varna, birth-place of Prof.
Rusev, and the fascinating surroundings of Shumen, with more than two
hours of Bulgarian folklore and after-lunch dancing, and on August 28 a
celebration of Prof. Rusev's 65th birthday).

Thanks to St. Peter Black Sea sunrises, beach, sand, sun and clear water
swimming could be enjoyed. The organizing committee did, in an admirable
manner, their best to smooth all the (in retrospect, few) problems that
are bound to arise in such a meeting.

The Workshop's Proceedings (like those of the preceding one held in
Bankya/Bulgaria, 12-17 August 1994) will be published by "Science Culture
Technology (SCT) Publishing" in Singapore.

Rudolf Gorenflo

Topic #4  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 -------------- January 15, 1997
From: Renato Alvarez-Nodarse <renato@dulcinea.uc3m.es>
Subject: SCAGOP: Spanish Computer Algebra Group on Orthogonal Polynomials

The main aim of our group is the study of Special Functions with
particular emphasis on Orthogonal Polynomials by using computer algebra
systems. Topics of our research interest can be summarized in the
following points:

  -  Algorithmic construction of sum rules of zeros of polynomials
     (Newton sum rules, Moments of the distribution of zeros, ... )
  -  Analytical approximation to the density of the zero distribution of
     second order differential equation solutions.
  -  Algorithms for finding second (or higher) order differential and
     difference equations of non-classical orthogonal polynomials
     (Krall-type, Sobolev-type (discrete case), Modifications of the
     classical discrete polynomials, quasi-orthogonal polynomials,
     associated and correcursive of classical polynomials,...)
  -  Solution of connection and linearization problems between

The members of the group are:
  -  Renato Alvarez-Nodarse (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
        E-mail: renato@dulcinea.uc3m.es
  -  Ivan Area (Universidad de Vigo) E-mail: area@dma.uvigo.es
  -  Jorge Arvesz Carballo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
        E-mail: arvesu@dulcinea.uc3m.es
  -  Eduardo Godoy (Universidad de Vigo) E-mail: egodoy@dma.uvigo.es
  -  Jorge Ruano Puente (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
        E-mail: jruano@tid.es
  -  Rafael J. Yanhez (Universidad de Granada) E-mail:ryanez@goliat.ugr.es
  -  Alejandro Zarzo (Universidad Politicnica de Madrid)

The Group has a website at the URL:

Topic #5  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: Steele Prize for Bruce Berndt

According to the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, November
1996, pp. 1340-1341, Bruce C. Berndt has received one of the three 1996
Steele Prizes.


  The prize  was awarded to Bruce Berndt for his four volumes "Ramanujan's
  Notebooks", Parts I, II, II, and IV, Springer, 1985, 1989, 1991, and 1994.
  In recognition of Berndt's heroic and extraordinary achievement in
  exposing to the general mathematical researcher a trove of results
  that were utterly inaccessible before, the AMS decided this year,
  exceptionally, to broaden the standard interpretation of "exposition".
  In an impressive scholarly accomplishment, spread out over 20 years,
  Berndt has provided a readable and complete account of the Notebooks,
  making them accessible to other mathematicians. Ramanujan's enigmatic,
  unproved formulas are now readily available, together with context and
  explication, often after the most intense and clever research efforts on
  Berndt's part.

See also Berndt's Response in the Notices, or at

Topic #6  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Joaquin Bustoz receives Presidential Mentoring Award

Joaquin Bustoz, Arizona State University, was one of 16 recipients of the
first Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and
Engineering Mentoring named by U.S. President Clinton on September 25,
1996.  The award recognizes their work in "encouraging minorities, women
and persons with disabilities to earn degrees in science, mathematics and

The following information is taken from the December 1996 issue of FOCUS,
the Newsletter of the Mathematical Association of America: "Bustoz has
received numerous teaching awards, and his research has been in analysis,
focusing most recently on orthogonal polynomials and special functions.
Since 1985 Bustoz has been involved in enhancing the number and quality of
minority students entering the university and intending to study
mathematics and science.  He initiated and directs a Math-Science Honors
Program at ASU, which provides an intense introduction to university
mathematics to two hundred high school students each summer.  As a direct
result of the program, nearly one-third of ASU's mathematics majors are
from underrepresented minorities."

Topic #7  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: CPC Program Library

The following information was taken from WWW

  Computer Physics Communications (CPC) is an international
  interdisciplinary journal published by Elsevier Science BV. It is
  aimed at the computing needs of the computational physics and physical
  chemistry communities. A unique feature of the CPC journal is its
  publication of refereed computer programs in physics and physical
  chemistry. The principal aim of the CPC Program Library is the storage
  and dissemination of those computer programs whose descriptions have
  been published in the CPC journal.

  In January 1996 the CPC Program Library became an integral part of
  CPC.  Under this arrangement a subscription to the CPC journal will
  include a subscription to the Program Library and each member of a
  subscribing institute will be permitted to have electronic access to
  the entire contents of the Program Library.

In particular see the library index
The following sections are of interest for OP & SF:
  4.7 other_functions
  5.  Computer_algebra
The index and abstracts can be browsed freely.  The programs themselves
can only be retrieved freely if your institute subscribes to the
corresponding printed journal.  Otherwise you are charged Dfl 140 per
retrieved program.

Topic #8  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: Physics Express Letters free on WWW

I received from IOP Publishing the message that all Letters published in
the journals of IOP Publishing (including the Letters in J. Physics A)
are now freely available on the Web.

See http://www.iop.org/

Topic #9  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: Walter Van Assche <Walter.VanAssche@wis.kuleuven.ac.be>
Subject: Stieltjes Proceedings Volume

A special issue of the "Annales de la Faculte des Sciences de Toulouse"
titled "100 ans apres Th.-J. Stieltjes" (100 years after Th.-J. Stieltjes)
has just been published (November 1996) by the Universite Paul Sabatier.
Guest editor is J.-B. Hiriart-Urruty. This special issue contains the
texts of the plenary talks of a Colloquium at the Universite Paul Sabatier
(Toulouse) held in March 1995. The talks are:

* Christian Berg: "Moment problems and polynomial approximation" (pp.
* Jean-Pierre Kahane: "Sur trois notes de Stieltjes relatives aux series
      de Dirichlet" (pp. 33-56)
* Jacob Korevaar: "Electrostatic fields due to distributions of electrons"
      (pp. 57-76)
* Thomas William Korner: "On the representation of functions by
      trigonometric series" (pp. 77-119)
* Herbert Stahl: "Diagonal Pade approximants to hyperelliptic functions"
      (pp. 121-193)
* Walter Van Assche: "Compact Jacobi matrices: from Stieltjes to Krein
      and M(a,b)" (pp. 194-215)

This special issue can be ordered at the price of 175 FF (French Francs)
plus shipping. Send your order to:

   Prof. J.-B. Hiriart-Urruty
   Universite Paul Sabatier
   118, route de Narbonne
   F-31062 Toulouse Cedex

Topic #10  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: Tom Koornwinder <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: Revising the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification

See OP-SF Net 3.6, Topic #3. There was one further suggestion for revising
1991 Mathematics Subject Classification.
Per W. Karlsson <karlsson@mat.dtu.dk> wrote:

  In my opinion, 40A05 is too broad; there should be a separate box
  for multiple series. This, I think, goes for integrals too (40A10).

Several people pointed out that in a list distributed some years ago
by Zentralblatt, items  33C25 - 33C55  and  33D25 - 33D45 are at
variance with the AMS list. This seems to have been corrected later.

Topic #11  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: Hans Volkmer <volkmer@csd.uwm.edu>
Subject: Question about Heine polynomials

Dear Colleagues,

I'm currently working on the polynomials that are treated on pages
151-155 of Szego's book on orthogonal polynomials. I call them Heine
polynomials because they were first studied by Heine. They are called
Stieltjes polynomials in Morris Marden's book "Geometry of
Polynomials".  The treatment in Szego's book seems to be rather
incomplete. Is there literature on the Heine polynomials in the last

Your help would be very appreciated.

  Hans Volkmer
  Dept. of Math. Sciences
  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  email: volkmer@csd.uwm.edu

Topic #12  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: ftp site for papers in Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

Hans Haubold's ftp archive for preprints in the area of Orthogonal
Polynomials and Special functions is the continuation of Waleed Al-Salam's
preprint archive.  One can approach the archive by anonymous ftp to
unvie6.un.or.at, directory siam, or at the WWW address
ftp://unvie6.un.or.at/siam .  See the file 00contents.ftpsite in the
submissions directory for the contents (titles, authors, filenames) of the
directories opsf and abstracts.  This list of contents is in chronological
order of submission.  The most recent contributions will just reside as
files in the submissions directory, and are not yet documented in the list
of contents.

Hans Haubold is sending regular information about new submissions to a
large mailing list. Please contact him <haubold@Relay1.Austria.EU.net> if
you want to be added to this mailing list or if your email address on the
list is no longer correct.

Since November 15, the following papers have been submitted to the

A.P. Magnus, Freud's equations for orthogonal polynomials as discrete
Painleve equations.
(see siam/opsf/magnus-freudpainleve.ps)

W. Koepf and D. Schmersau, Algorithms for classical orthogonal polynomials.
(see siam/opsf/koepf/SC96-23.ps)

W. Koepf, On a problem of Koornwinder.
(see siam/opsf/koepf/counter.ps)

W. Koepf, A package on orthogonal polynomials and special functions.
(see siam/opsf/koepf/mathematica/specpack.ps)

W. Koepf, Mathematica package for special functions.
(see siam/opsf/koepf/mathematica/SpecialFunctions.m)

V.B. Kuznetsov and E.K. Sklyanin, Factorisation of Macdonald polynomials.
(see siam/opsf/kuznetsov-sklyanin2.tex)

Topic #13  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: The Editors <thk@wins.uva.nl>, <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Changes of Address, WWW pages. etc.

Renato Alvarez Nodarse (Madrid, Spain) now has a home page:

SCAGOP (Spanish Computer Algebra Group on Orthogonal Polynomials) has a
home page at:
(See Topic #4 in this issue for a description of this group.)

Reza Aftabizadeh (reza@khayyam.com) maintains a "Differential Equations
Electronic Directory"  (e-mail addresses, home pages, conferences) at the
following URL:

The institute address of Wolfram Koepf has changed:

   Dr. Wolfram Koepf
   Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
   phone: +49-30-841 85-348/347 (office), +49-30-841 85-205 (secretary)
          +49-30-841 85-269/125 (fax)
   email: koepf@zib.de

Topic #14  --------------  OP-SF NET 4.1 --------------- January 15, 1997
From: OP-SF Net editor <thk@wins.uva.nl>
Subject: Obtaining back issues of OP-SF Net and submitting contributions
         to OP-SF Net and Newsletter

Back issues of OP-SF Net can be obtained from
     ftp:     ftp.wins.uva.nl, in directory
or   WWW:

or   WWW:

Contributions to the OP-SF Net 4.2 should reach the email
address  poly@siam.org  before March 1, 1997.

The Activity Group also sponsors a Newsletter edited by Wolfram Koepf.
Deadline for submissions to be included in February 1997 issue
is January 15, 1997 and for the June 1997 issue it is May 15, 1997.

Please send your Newsletter contributions directly to the Editor:

Wolfram Koepf
Takustr. 7
D-14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
tel.: +49-30-841 85-348/347
fax:  +49-30-841 85-269/125
email: koepf@zib.de

preferably by email, and in latex format. Other formats are also
acceptable and can be submitted by email, regular mail or fax.

Please note that submissions to the Newsletter (if not containing
mathematics symbols or pictures) are automatically considered for
publication in OP-SF Net, and vice versa, unless the writer requests

Previous issues of the Newsletter, but not the most recent one, can
be obtained as dvi or PostScript files from Wolfram Koepf's WWW homepage:


or by anonymous ftp at

   ftp.zib.de   in directory   pub/UserHome/Koepf/SIAM

In order to join the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials
and Special Functions, and thereby receive the Newsletter,
you have to become a member of SIAM. The annual dues are $93 for
SIAM plus $10 for the Group. Contact the email address join@siam.org .

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