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                                              January 15, 2004

       O P - S F   N E T                   Volume 11, Number 1
       Martin Muldoon                       muldoon@yorku.ca

       The Electronic News Net of the SIAM Activity Group
       on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

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Today's Topics:
      1. Lucknow Conference on Special Functions
      2. Krawtchouk Conference 2004
      3. FAAT, Maratea 2004
      4. Irsee Workshop on Special Functions
      5. Conference in honour of Roderick Wong
      6. Report on Bexbach Workshop
      7. OP&SF Activity Group Organizes Special Session
      8. Report on AMS Special Sessions
      9. Study Group Member Section Vice-President
     10. Wolfram Functions site
     11. Preprints in arXiv.org
     12. About the Activity Group
     13. Submitting contributions to OP-SF NET

Calendar of Events:

February 8-10: Conference on Special Functions, Lucknow, India   11.1 #1

February 15-20: International Meeting on Constructive
         Approximation, Witten-Bommerholz, Germany               10.5 #2

April 1: Special Day to Honour George Andrews, Pennsylvania State
         University                                              10.6 #1

May 13-15: 10th International Scientific Krawtchouk (Kravchuk)
       Conference, Kyiv, Ukraine                                 11.1 #2

May 28-31: International Conference on Mathematics and
    its Applications in honour of Professor Roderick Wong's
    60th Birthday, City University of Hong Kong                  11.1 #5

June 16-23: 5th International Conference on Functional
    Analysis and Approximation Theory (FAAT 2004),
    Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy                                11.1 #3

July 5-July 8 Sixth International Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials
  (IWOP): Orthogonal Polynomials in Mathematical Physics.
   Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes, Spain               10.6

July 8 - July 18: Fifth Summer School on Orthogonal Polynomials and
   Special Functions, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganes, Spain

July 12-16: SIAM Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA

July 10-23: Special Functions in Harmonic Analysis and Applications,
                  Kloster Irsee, Germany                         11.1 #4

November 7-9: CONSTRUCTIVE FUNCTIONS TECH-O4,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
                                                                 10.5 #3

July 25-29: OPSFA8/ICDEA10 - Eighth International Symposium on
     Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and Applications
     and Tenth International Conference on Difference Equations and
     Applications, Munich, Germany                               10.6 #3

Future Plans:
Dan Lozier (OP-SF NET 9.4, Topic #2) suggests a SIAM-sponsored meeting
Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions to be held in Washington,
Present planning suggests a date in the fall of 2005 or in 2006.

Topic #1  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: OP-SF NET Editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Lucknow Conference on Special Functions

The followinsg is taken from the conference web site:


February 8-10, 2004

Organized by: Society for Special Functions and Their Applications,

Venue: U. P. Management & Administrative Academy, Sector D, Aligang,
Lucknow 226 020. India

Topics & Objective:
Hypergeometric Function, q - Series, Orthogonal Polynomials,
Combinatorics, Numerical Methods, Group theoretic aspect of Special
Functions, Application to Physics and Engineering.

The primary aim of the Conference is to bring together eminent worker
doing pioneering research in the field of Special Function and their
applications and to provide young researcher an opportunity for
interaction with many mathematicians in their field of interest beside
acquainting oneself with the current development in the field. The
academic programs of the conference include invited lectures, oral and
poster presentation of research papers and a session of open problems

International Advisory Committee

R. P. Agarwal (India), George Andrews (USA), Walter Van Assche
(Belgium), S. Bhargava (India), Robert Gustafson (USA), M. H. Ismail
(USA), J. Van Der Jeugt (Belgium), S. Kanemitsu (Japan), C.
(Austria), Martin Muldoon (Canada), P. E. Ricci (Italy), S. P. Singh
(Canada), H. M.  Srivastava (Canada), N. K. Thakre (India), Michel
Waldschmidt (France), Maasaki Yoshida (Japan)

National Organizing Committee

Members: A.K. Agarwal (Chandigarh), R.Y.Denis (Gorakhpur), S.P. Goel
(Jaipur), M.A. Pathan (Aligarh), R.S. Pathak (Varanasi), K.Srinivasa Rao
(Chennai), Arun Verma (Roorkee), C.K. Sharma (Rewa), S.N. Singh
(Jaunpur), M. Azhar Husain (Patna).

Local Organizing Committee

Members: R. R. Agarwal, M. P. Pathak, Nazrul Islam, Mohit Saxena, Riyaz
Ahmad, Arvind Pathak

Convener:  S. Ahmad Ali (Lucknow)

Call for Papers
The organizers of the Conference invite the abstract of the papers for
presentation. The abstract may be sent (preferably by email) to the
Convener on or before December 30, 2003 along with a duly filled in
registration form.

The papers are also invited for the following Prizes

A.K. Agarwal Prize for Best Publication of the Year, carrying a
certificate and a cash award of Rs. 1000/- will be awarded to an Indian
mathematician (below 45 year of age) working at an Indian
University/Institute for his paper published/accepted in the preceding
year of the Conference in the areas influenced by Ramanujan which
includes special functions, number theory, q- series, mock theta
functions etc.  Applicants for this prize should send five copies of
their papers to Prof.  A. K. Agarwal, Center for Advance Study in
Mathematics, Punjab University, Chandigarh 160 014 (aka@pu.ac.in) along
with the copy of the acceptance letter (if the paper has been accepted
but not published) by December 20, 2003.

Aruna Gupta Prize and M. I. Qureshi Prize for Best Paper Presentation,
each carrying a certificate and a cash award of Rs. 500/- will be given
to an Indian mathematician (below 35 year of age). Three copies of the
paper to be considered for the prize along with the abstract may be sent
to the Convener by December 30, 2003. At the top of each copy of the
paper the name of the prize should be indicated. The papers to be
presented for consideration for prize should be under single authorship.
The stress will be given on both quality of research as well as
performance during presentation.

The proceedings of the Conference will be published. The full-length
paper in duplicate along with a floppy disc containing the file
formatted in MS Word/AMS Latex may be submitted to the Convener on or
before February 8, 2004. The manuscript must be organized and prepared
in the manner described in the conference web site.

Call for Open Problem

There is a plan to organize a session on open problems on the second day
of the Conference. If some problems have emerged out of your research
work and you want to pose it to the general audience, they can be
submitted to the Convener. Beside this we hope to have a discussion on
the possible future directions of researches in the field of Special
Functions in light of the socio-economic and technological developments
of the country.


All the participants are to be registered by December 30, 2003. Details
are at the web site as us the Conference Registration form.

Contact Information

Dr. S. Ahmad Ali,
Convener, CSFA' 2004
Head, Department of Mathematics,
Amiruddaula Islamia Degree College,
Lucknow 226 001. India.
Tel. +91 522 2272139 Ext 16 (Off), 2323905 (Res.)
Email: ahmad67@rediffmail.com, aahmad@postmark.net

Travel and Local Hospitality

Financial support for travel (in India) may be provided to some of the
participants subjected to the availability of funds. The participants
are encouraged to arrange the fund for travel from their institution
or/and funding agencies. However, all participants will be provided free
boarding and lodging during the Conference. Accommodation will be
arranged in the Guesthouse of the Institute and nearby guesthouses. The
boarding service will start with dinner on Feb.7, 2004. The
accommodation in the star hotels, if needed, can be arranged on actual
payment basis with intimation to Local organizing Secretary well in

Conference web site:

Topic #2  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
Sender: orthpol@yandex.ru
Subject: Krawtchouk Conference

Dear Colleagues,

The 10th International Scientific Krawtchouk (Kravchuk) Conference will
take place on May 13-15, 2004 in National Technical University of
Ukraine (KPI, Kiev).

  1. Differential and Integral Equations and their Application
  2. Algebra, Geometry. Mathematical and Numerical Analysis
  3. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
  4. History and Technique of Mathematical Teaching

Abstracts (1 page) can be submitted up to March 1, 2004 to:
        02192, Kyiv-192,
        do zapytannya,
        YUZHAKOVA Ganna Oleksiyvna
        Phone: +380 44 441 14 41
        Email: conf@ptf.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua

The abstract should be camera ready for printing.

Registration fee - US $10. Participants from abroad please specify the
details of payment by email.

The conference will be held in the center of Kyiv (10 minutes from the
railway station by underground). Hotels can be booked in advance for
special prices and in different categories (approx. from US $30 to $200
per night).

We are looking forward to see you in Kyiv, and we hope that your
participation in the scientific meeting will be productive and

See details at
or at

Vadim Zelenkov

Topic #3  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: Maria Grazia Russo <russo@unibas.it>
Subject: FAAT 2004- First Announcement

16-23 June 2004: 5th International Conference on Functional Analysis and
Approximation Theory (FAAT 2004), Acquafredda di Maratea, Potenza, Italy

Aim: the meeting is devoted to some significant aspects of contemporary
mathematical research in Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and
Approximation Theory, including the applications of these fields in
other areas such as partial differential equations, integral equations,
numerical analysis and stochastic analysis. One of the major aims of the
Conference is to bring together mathematicians working in the above
topics in order to spur interdisciplinary collaborations and exchanges
of results and techniques.

Main topics: Banach spaces, Banach lattices, function spaces, (positive)
linear operators, semigroups of (positive) linear operators, evolution
equations and stochastic analysis, approximate quadratures and integral
equations, approximation processes in abstract spaces and in function
spaces, approximation by (positive) operators, interpolation, polynomial
approximation, constructive approximation, orthogonal polynomials.

Confirmed invited speakers:
 - Ehrhard Behrends (Berlin),
 - Borislav Bojanov (Sofia),
 - Aldric L. Brown (London),
 - Niels Jacob (Swansea),
 - Nigel Kalton (Columbia),
 - Andreas Kro (Budapest),
 - Willem Luxemburg (Pasadena),
 - Francisco Marcellan (Madrid),
 - Gradimir Milovanovic (Nis),
 - Giovanni Monegato (Torino),
 - Bernd Silbermann (Chemnitz),
 - Vilmos Totik (Szeged),
 - Gianluca Vinti (Perugia),
 - Lutz Weis (Karlsruhe),
 - Yuan Xu (Eugene, U.S.A.).

Scientific Program: plenary lectures (50 min.), selected section
(30 min.) and short communications (15-20 min.).

Organizing Committee:
F. Altomare (altomare@pascal.dm.uniba.it),
A. Attalienti (attalienti@matfin.uniba.it),
M. Campiti (campiti@unile.it),
L. D'Ambrosio (dambros@dm.uniba.it),
S. Diomede (s.diomede@dse.uniba.it),
G. Mastroianni (mastroianni@unibas.it),
D. Occorsio (occorsio@unibas.it),
M. G. Russo (russo@unibas.it).

 - Center for Studies in Functional Analysis and Approximation
   Theory of the University of Basilicata (Potenza, Italy),
 - the National Research Group in Operator Theory, Semigroups and
   Applications to Evolution Equations and Approximation Problems
     (PRIN-COFIN 2003-05),
 - the Department of Mathematics of the University of Basilicata
   (Potenza, Italy),
 - the Department of Economics of the University of Bari (Italy),
 - the Department of Mathematics of the University of Lecce (Italy),
 - the University of Basilicata (Italy),
 - the University of Bari (Italy),
 - the National Group for Mathematical Analysis, Probability and their
       Applications (G.N.A.M.P.A.),
 - the Basilicata Tourism Board.

Site: Hotel Villa del Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea, Potenza, Italy

Information: contact any of the Organizing Committee or visit the

Topic #4  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: sfha <sfha@gsf.de>
Subject: Workshop Irsee 2004

                    SPECIAL FUNCTIONS
                   IN HARMONIC ANALYSIS
                     AND APPLICATIONS

                     July 19-23, 2004
                  Kloster Irsee, Germany

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce the fourth workshop in the field
of special functions and harmonic analysis organized by the
Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry, GSF - National
Research Center for Environment and Health.

The workshop will take place in the former monastery Kloster
Irsee in the scenic area of Southern Bavaria. Irsee is famous
for its beautiful baroque church and its locally brewed beer.

The workshop is devoted to special functions and their role
in harmonic analysis, approximation theory, and applications.
The scientific program will consist of plenary lectures and
contributed talks. Our invited speakers are

Richard Askey    (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Christian Berg   (University of Copenhagen)
Charles Dunkl    (University of Virginia)
Jeff Geronimo    (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Tom Koornwinder  (University of Amsterdam)
Willard Miller   (University of Minnesota)
Todd Quinto      (Tufts University Medford)
Yuan Xu          (University of Oregon)

We are further planing to publish conference proceedings in a
special issue of a journal. Please note, that the number of
participants is limited to 60. For further information about
the meeting and registration please consult the conference
homepage ibb.gsf.de/~irsee.

We would be happy if you might consider joining us in Irsee,
and further ask you to forward this announcement to your
colleagues and students. If you have any questions, feel free
to contact the organizers (sfha@gsf.de).

We are looking forward to seeing you in Irsee in July 2004,

The Organizers
Wolfgang zu Castell & Frank Filbir
Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry
GSF - National Research Center
Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1
85764 Neuherberg, Germany

Topic #5  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: OPSF NET Editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Conference in honour of Roderick Wong

An International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications
in honour of Professor Roderick Wong's 60th Birthday, will be held
May 28-31, 2004, at the City University of Hong Kong. The followong
information is from the web site:

Plenary Speakers (Confirmed)

          Stuart S. Antman, University of Maryland, USA
          Richard A. Askey, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
          John M. Ball, University of Oxford, UK
          David J. Benney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
          Michael Berry, Bristol University, UK
          Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Institut des Hautes Etudes
             Scientifiques, France
          Alberto Bressan, International School for Advanced Studies,
             Trieste, Italy
          Philippe G. Ciarlet, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Douglas S. Jones, University of Dundee, UK
          Li Ta-tsien, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
          Pierre-Louis Lions, Collège de France, Paris, France
          Tai-Ping Liu, Stanford University, USA and Academia Sinica,
          Ma Zhi-ming, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
          Robert M. Miura, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
          Louis Nirenberg, New York University, USA
          Robert E. O'Malley, Jr., University of Washington, USA
          Frank W. J. Olver, University of Maryland, USA
          Jean-Michel Roquejoffre, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse,
          Steve Smale, Toyota Technological Institute, Chicago, USA
          Andrew C. C. Yao, Princeton University, USA

Invited Speakers (Confirmed)

          Gang Bao, Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA
          Cewen Cao, Zhengzhou University, Henan, China
          Raymond Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Kwok Wing Chow, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Yunshyong Chow, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
          Adri Olde Daalhuis, University of Edinburgh, UK
          T. Mark Dunster, San Diego State University, USA
          Liliana Gratie, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Benqi Guo, University of Manitoba, Canada
          Benyu Guo, Shanghai Normal University, China
          Fred J. Hickernell, The Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong
          Chris Howls, University of Southampton, England
          Ling Hsiao, Academia Sinica, Beijing, China
          Mourad Ismail, University of South Florida, USA
          Lishang Jiang, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
          Arno Kuijlaars, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
          Ya Yan Lu, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Thomas Osborn, University of Manitoba, Canada
          Richard Paris, University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland, UK
          Peter Shiue, University of Nevada, USA
          Weiwei Sun, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Tao Tang, The Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
          Yongji Tang, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
          Nico Temme, Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI),
             The Netherlands
          Vladimir Vladimirov, University of Hull, UK
          Frederic Y. M. Wan, University of California, Irvine, USA
          Ren-hong Wang, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China
          Xiao-ping Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and
             Hong Kong
          Michael Ward, The University of British Columbia, Canada
          Lan Wen, Peking University, Beijing, China
          Yau Shu Wong, University of Alberta, Canada
          Jianhong Wu, York University, Canada
          Johnathan Wylie, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Frances Yao, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Shih-Hsien Yu, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Ding-Xuan Zhou, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Jun Zou, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Organizing Committee
(Department of Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong)

          Philippe G. Ciarlet (co-chair)
          Qiang Zhang (co-chair)
          Felipe Cucker
          Hui Hui Dai
          Tong Yang

Conference Secretariat

          Conference Secretary : Maggie Mak
          E-mail: MCLBJ@cityu.edu.hk
          Addr: Liu Bie Ju Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
          City University of Hong Kong,
          83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
          Tel: (852) 2788 9816       Fax: (852) 2788 7446

Topic #6  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: Tom Koornwinder <thk@science.uva.nl>
Subject: Report on Bexbach Workshop

dedicated to Dick Askey on his 70th birthday
October 18-22, 2003
Hotel Hochwiesmu"hle, Bexbach/Saarland, Germany

(The first report is by Wolfram Koepf and me. The second report is by
two student participants: Sabine Roth and Sebastian Pfister The third
report by Wolfram Koepf focuses on some of the lectures close to his

The Workshop was perfectly organized by Andreas Ruffing (Munich,
Germany) and Sergei Suslov (Tempe, Arizona) who were able to raise funds
from various sources to invite 33 colleagues, 22 of whom presented talks
at the meeting. The other members of the organizing committee were Erik
Koelink (Delft), Tom Koornwinder (Amsterdam) and Jasper Stokman
(Amsterdam). The workshop has a website
http://hahn.la.asu.edu/~suslov/bexbach which contains details about the
program, the participants, etc.

Bexbach is a small town in Saarland in south-west Germany, not far from
the French border. The region has an old tradition of coal mines and
blast-furnaces. Much of this industry stopped a few decades ago. So the
region had to look for other economic activities, in which the city of
Bexbach has been quite successful.

To be honest, we did not see much of Bexbach since the workshop had a
tight schedule, but the atmosphere was excellent, since all participants
were accommodated in the same hotel, hence everybody would meet each
other between breakfast and dinner time. As a social event, the
participants took a bus trip to Schengen/Moselle with a very nice wine
dinner.  Those who knew the name Schengen only through the "Schengen
signs" at European airports learned that Schengen is a small town in
Luxembourg near the French and German borders where the Schengen treaty
(making intra-European border controls superfluous) was signed.

The workshop program consisted of fourteen 40-minute and eight 25-minute
lectures. The official themes are mentioned above in the title of the
workshop. More specifically, the lectures could be categorized as

- classical special functions (and their relations with other fields):
Groenevelt, Iliev, Koepf, Koumandos, Ruscheweyh, Chu, Foupouagnigni,

- q-special functions and q-analysis (and quantum groups): Andrews,
Haine, Terwilliger, Zhedanov, Curtin, Gordillo, Suslov.

- the land beyond q (elliptic and other generalizations): Rosengren,
Ruijsenaars, Spiridonov, Stokman.

- various topics (number theory, combinatorics, stochastics): Kadell,

- Askey's closing lecture.

Titles and abstracts can be found at the webpage

In general, the lectures were very well presented, and they were often
followed by a vivid discussion. Some lectures brought state of the art
surveys which were quite understandable by non-specialists. In
particular, the land beyond q is now a very active area, where much
remains to be done. Other lectures gave remarkable new results,
sometimes about old problems.

A quite remarkable aspect of the workshop was the presence of some
young participants: undergraduates from Munich. They got interested in
advanced mathematics (including special functions) on an early age by
their participation in the AbiTUMath program of the Faculty of
Mathematics at the TU in Munich. Andreas Ruffing is very active in
organizing this program. See the web page
One of these young participants, Christian Reiher, gave an impressive
lecture in Bexbach.

The closing talk was given by Dick Askey who reflected many of the
results that were presented in this workshop. He highlighted some of
the results, by putting them in the right perspective, and presented
some of his favourite subjects. In general, Dick was in excellent form
during this meeting, and very active in discussions after the

During the banquet on the last evening speeches were made by George
Andrews, Tom Koornwinder and Sergei Suslov. At 9 p.m. we were all asked
to go outdoors for the special event, which was a spectacular fireworks
display in honor of Dick, almost as large in scale and beauty as the
fireworks on the Queen's birthday (where appropriate).

We will treasure the memory of this workshop as a wonderful event! The
only pity was that not all of Dick's major collaborators were able to
participate.  As spin-off of the workshop a special issue of the
Ramanujan Journal will be published in honor of Dick, which certainly
will also include papers associated with lectures given in Bexbach.
There is also a possibility that a further book will appear with longer
survey and tutorial papers on elliptic special functions.

Wolfram Koepf and Tom Koornwinder

Students' Report on the International Workshop on Special Functions,
Orthogonal Polynomials, Quantum Groups and Related Topics, Bexbach,

The workshop opened with welcome addresses by representatives from local
government and industry. We learned, for instance, about the
geographical and historical peculiarities of the Bexbach region. Next
came the interesting and rich program of lectures.

The talks, by speakers from four continents covered the various topics
and fields of research that have been significantly influenced by
Richard Askey and his work and furthermore showed their present and
future development. What was remarkable was the variety in the group of
lecturers, which included not only collaborators and colleagues of R.
Askey (some for decades), but also PhD students and even a first
semester undergraduate student - who, among other things, proved during
the conference an open conjecture concerning q-Fourier series raised in
a recently published book by Sergei K. Suslov (a member of the
organization committee).

The participants did not hesitate to use the opportunity to ask
questions and make comments after each talk, so that - in order to
keep to the conference schedule - some of the discussions
had to be continued over the meals. Especially because of the wide
spectrum of generations covered by the participants, some of these
conversations were extended to late hours in the night. But also the
variety in scientific background - a vital mixture of physicists and
mathematicians - contributed to the special and intense character
of the discussions.

Besides the scientific part, the program offered two social events. On
the evening of 20 October a trip took place to the triple point where
the borders of Germany, France and Luxembourg meet and where the
"Schengener Abkommen" was signed. Afterwards a tasting of regional Mosel
wines was arranged by Andreas Ruffing. The second social event was a
fireworks display dedicated to Richard Askey on the last evening.  Both
events emphasized the pleasant and communicative atmosphere of the

Sabine Roth and Sebastian Pfister
undergraduate students at Technical University Muenchen

Some impressions of lectures during the INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON
TOPICS dedicated to Dick Askey on his 70th birthday

by Wolfram Koepf

Since I cannot give the details of all the lectures, I would like to
give an impression - which is completely biased by my own interests -
about some of them.

George Andrews gave the first lecture. This was an excellent choice
since George knows Dick for a very long time and he could point several
times to Dick's influence on his own work. Practically all lecturers
adopted this approach. George introduced the audience to two formulas in
Ramanujan's lost notebook that until recently were still unproved. These
statements can be interpreted as Weierstrass product representations for
some entire functions although they don't look like it at first sight.
Very interesting!

Wenchang Chu's talk solved an old problem suggested by Dick Askey: The
Pollaczek polynomials have a hypergeometric representation from which it
is impossible to read off their polynomial structure directly. Hence
Dick had asked for a method to see this. Wenchang Chu gave an elementary
way to rewrite the hypergeometric representation of the Pollaczek
polynomials as a multiple sum from which their polynomial structure can
be read off.

Wolfram Koepf's talk recapitulated the history of the Bieberbach and
Milin conjectures as well as de Branges' proof which used the
Askey-Gasper inequality as an essential tool. This inequality is an easy
consequence of an identity that Askey and Gasper had been given several
years before de Branges' proof. It turns out that a completely
independent proof of the Bieberbach conjecture given by Lenard Weinstein
unexpectedly uses the same special function system that de Branges had
used. The lecture presented algorithms and computer proofs of some of
the relevant statements.

Stamatis Koumandos presented a talk in which he gave generalizations of
the Askey-Gasper inequality and many more inequalities that had been
studied by Dick and his co-authors. Stamatis and his co-authors have
introduced methods to obtain results that are much sharper in some sense
than previous ones.

Stephan Ruscheweyh's talk "Vietoris' Theorem: A Complex View" gave a
very interesting interpretation of Vietoris' theorem in terms of
subordination which plays an important role in geometric function
theory: If the real and the imaginary parts of an analytic function are
positive, then its image domain is part of the right upper quadrant.
Using an approach from geometric function theory he was able to restate
Vietoris' theorem in a very interesting way. Methods from geometric
function theory can be used for a proof.

Topic #7  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: Pete McCoy <pam@usna.edu>
Subject: OP&SF Activity Group Organizes Special Session

OP & SF Activity Group members, Peter Clarkson, Francisco Marcellan and
Pete McCoy co-hosted the AMS-SIAM Special Session on "Classical and
Nonlinear Special Functions" held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings,
Phoenix, Arizona, January 9, 2004.

The special session was well attended, the talks superb and the
discussions stimulating. The speakers (designated by "*"), titles of
their talks and affiliations follow. (Note that Stephen Casey withdrew
and Bernard Deconinck was added after the program was published)

Abstracts of the talks (apart from Deconinck's) may be viewed in links
from the web page:

A Note on the Equivalence of Kramer's and Shannon's Sampling Theorems.
Ahmed I Zayed*, DePaul University
Amin Boumenir, University of West Georgia

Lam\'e polynomials, the Hermit--Krichever Ansatz, and hyperelliptic
Robert S. Maier*, University of Arizona

Differential Equations for Dyson Processes.
Craig A Tracy*, UC Davis
Harold Widom, UC Santa Cruz

First Integrals of a Generalized Darboux-Halphen System.
R G Halburd*, Loughborough University

Chazy and Darboux-Halphen Systems.
M J Ablowitz*, University of Colorado, Boulder

The Painlev\'e property; a Riemann-Hilbert approach.
Percy A Deift*, Courant Institute, NYU

Sequence of distribution functions involving Painleve II.
Jinho Baik*, University of Michigan

Rational Solutions of the Painlev\'e Equations and Associated Special
Peter A Clarkson*, University of Kent

Computing Riemann Theta Functions.
Bernard Deconinck*, University of Washington

Digital Library of Mathematical Functions: A Project Report.
Daniel Lozier*, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Painleve\'e Transcendents and Random matrices.
Alexander R Its*, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Justification of the Existence of a Group of Asymptotics of the General
Fifth Painlev\'e Transcendent.
Youmin Lu*, Bloomsburg University
Zhoude Shao, Millersville University

Accurate calculation of Mathieu functions with an application to
acoustic radiation from elliptic cylinders.
Arnie Lee Van Buren*, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Jeffrey E Boisvert, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

The Ince equation.
Hans W Volkmer*, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A New Asymptotic Series for the Gamma Function and Improved Stirling
Formula Estimates.
Xiquan Shi*, Delaware State University
Fengshan Liu, Delaware State University

The Role of Orthogonal Polynomials in the Analysis of Laser
Reza Malek-Madani, U.S. Naval Academy
Peter A. McCoy*, U.S. Naval Academy

Topic #8  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: OP-SF NET Editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Report on AMS Special Sessions

Apart from the Special Session on "Classical and Nonlinear Special
Functions" reported on above, the Joint Mathematics Meetings at Phoenix,
Arizona (January 7-10, 2004) featured Special Sessions on Theory and
Applications of Orthogonal Polynomials and on Continued Fractions. Below
are listed the organizers, speakers (denoted by an asterisk) and
titles. These are taken from the Meetings Program and do not reflect
last-minute changes. Abstracts for these and all other Special Sessions
may be viewed at:

AMS Special Session on Theory and Applications of Orthogonal Polynomials

Mourad E. H. Ismail, University of South Florida ismail@math.usf.edu
Barry Simon, California Institute of Technology

Tridiagonal pairs and finite dimensional $U_q({\widehat
Paul M Terwilliger*, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tatsuro Ito, Kanazawa University

Three q-Hermite polynomials.
Dennis W Stanton*, University of Minnesota

Generating functions for moments of orthogonal polynomials.
Ira M. Gessel*, Brandeis University
Jiang Zeng, University of Lyon, I

Matrix valued orthogonal polynomials and differential equations.
F. Alberto Grunbaum*, UC Berkeley

Applications of a complete expansion for the partition function of
matrix theory.
N Ercolani, University of Arizona
Kenneth D. T-R McLaughlin*, University of North Carolina

Determinants With Orthogonal Polynomial Entries.
Mourad E.H. Ismail*, University of Central Florida

Orthogonal and extremal polynomials on discrete sets.
Steven Benjamin Damelin*, Georgia Southern University

Some recurrence formulas for Two variable orthogonal polynomials on the
Unit circle.
Jeffrey S Geronimo*, Georgia Institute of Technology

Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle.
Barry Simon*, Caltech

The Christoffel-Uvarov formula and averages of random characteristic
E Strahov*, Caltech

Generalised Chebyshev Polynomials under Polynomial Mappings.
Y Chen, Imperial College
J C Griffin*, Imperial College
M Ismail, University of South Florida

The Ten Martini Problem.
Joaquim Puig*, Universitat de Barcelona

Jacobi matrices with unbounded coefficients at critical coupling.
David Damanik*, California Institute of Technology
Serguei Naboko, St. Petersburg University

Zero Distribution of Orthogonal Polynomials over Regions and Curves.
Edward B. Saff*, Vanderbilt University
Erwin Mina, Vanderbilt University

AMS Special Session on Continued Fractions
James G. McLaughlin, Trinity College
Nancy J. Wyshinski, Trinity College

A Survey on $q$-Continued Fractions in Ramanujan's Lost Notebook.
Bruce C. Berndt*, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Moment Problem and a Family of Integral Evaluations.
Mourad E.H. Ismail*, University of Central Florida

Simultaneous diophantine approximation in the vector space ${\Bbb Q}
+{\Bbb Q}\alpha$.
Edward B Burger*, Williams College

Systems of orthogonal polynomials arising from the modular $j$-function.
Stephanie Basha, Santa Clara University
Jayce Robert Getz*, Harvard
Harris Nover, California Institue of Technology
Emma Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Two-Dimensional Minkowski Question Mark Function.
Olga R. Beaver, Williams
Thomas Garrity*, Williams

Analytic Theory and Application of Continued Fractions, A Survey.
William B. Jones*, University of Colorado, Boulder

Truncated rational moment problems and quadratures.
Xin Li*, University of Central Florida

Simultaneous diophantine approximation to successive powers of a real
algebraic integer.
Doug Hensley*, Texas A&M University

Continued Fractions Associated with Solution of a Wave Equation.
Brian A. Hagler*, University of Texas of the Permian Basin

An Euler-Minding theorem for $G$-continued fractions.
Geumlan Choi*, University of Illinois
Douglas Bowman, Northern Illinois University

On a class of classical polynomials, uniformly approximating the
P D Dragnev*, Indiana-Purdue University
D A Legg, Indiana-Purdue University
D W Townsend, Indiana-Purdue University

The Many Vistas of Continued Fractions.
Richard A Mollin*, University of Calgary

Applications of Brooks's Continued Fraction Parameter to Riemann
and QC Maps.
G Brock Williams*, Texas Tech University

Topic #9  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: OP-SF NET Editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Study Group Member Section Vice-President

Pete McCoy assumed the duties of Vice-President of the
Washington-Baltimore Section of SIAM on January 1, 2004.

The SIAM Washington-Baltimore Section promotes the interests of applied
mathematicians in academia, industry, and government in the metropolitan
area of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. The Section regularly
hosts evening events consisting of dinner followed by an expository
lecture. With a mailing list of 540, it is SIAM's second most active

See http://www.siam.org/sections/WashBalt/index.htm

Topic #10  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: Oleg Marichev <oleg@wolfram.com>
Subject: Wolfram Functions site

I am happy to inform you about official presentation of our functions

I invite you to look at



Your comments can be emailed not only to me but to


Oleg Marichev

Topic #11  -----------  OP-SF NET 11.1 ------------- January 15, 2004
From: OPSF NET Editor <muldoon@yorku.ca>
Subject: Preprints in arXiv.org

The following preprints related to the fields of orthogonal polynomials
and special functions were recently posted or cross-listed to one of the
subcategories of arXiv.org. See especially:

     Title: S\'eries hyperg\'eom\'etriques basiques, $q$-analogues des
      valeurs de la fonction z\^eta et s\'eries d'Eisenstein
     Authors: C. Krattenthaler (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1), T.
         Rivoal (CNRS Universite de Caen), W. Zudilin (Lomonosov State
         University, Moscow)
     Comments: AmS-LaTeX; 26 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory; Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: Primary 11J72; Secondary 11M36, 33D15

     Title: Appell polynomials and their relatives
     Authors: Michael Anshelevich
     Comments: 44 pages, 2 postscript figures
     Subj-class: Combinatorics
     MSC-class: Primary 05A; Secondary 46L54

     Title: Sturm Oscillation and Comparison Theorems
     Authors: Barry Simon
     Subj-class: Spectral Theory; Mathematical Physics

     Title: Analogs of the M-Function in the Theory of Orthogonal
         Polynomials on the Unit Circle
     Authors: Barry Simon
     Subj-class: Spectral Theory; Mathematical Physics

     Title: Asymptotic upper bounds for the entropy of orthogonal
       polynomials in the Szeg\H{o} class
     Authors: B. Beckermann, A. Martinez-Finkelshtein, E.A. Rakhmanov,
     Comments: 17 pages
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Mathematical Physics
     MSC-class: 33C45; 42C05; 81V45; 94A17

     Title: Zeros of polynomials orthogonal on two arcs of the unit
     Authors: A.L.Lukashov, F.Peherstorfer
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Complex Variables
     MSC-class: 42C05

     Title: Hyperg{\'e}om{\'e}trie et fonction z{\^e}ta de Riemann
     Authors: C. Krattenthaler, T. Rivoal
     Comments: AmS-LaTeX, 62 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory; Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: Primary 11J72; Secondary 11J82, 33C20

     Title: Partial sums of hypergeometric series of unit argument
     Authors: Wolfgang Buehring
     Comments: 12 pages, AMS-LaTeX
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: 33C20

     Title: The Bilateral Vandermonde Convolution
     Authors: Martin Erik Horn
     Comments: 3 pages, no figures
     Subj-class: General Mathematics

     Title: On a combinatorial problem of Asmus Schmidt
     Authors: Wadim Zudilin (Cologne & Moscow)
     Comments: 7 pages, AmSTeX
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Combinatorics
     MSC-class: 11B65, 33C20

     Title: Binomial sums related to rational approximations to
     Authors: Wadim Zudilin (Moscow)
     Comments: 5 pages, AmSTeX
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11B65, 33C20

     Title: The Prolongation Problem for the Heavenly Equation
     Authors: M. Palese (Dept. Math. Univ. of Torino, Italy),
      R.A. Leo, G. Soliani (Dept. Phys. Univ. of Lecce, Italy)
     Comments: 9 pages, Proc. SIGRAV Conference (Bari 1998)
     Subj-class: Analysis of PDEs; Mathematical Physics
     MSC-class: 33C10;83C20;35A30;58J72
     Journal-ref: Recent developments in general relativity
      (Bari, 1998), 337--344, Springer Italia, Milan, 2000

     Title: Paley-Wiener theorems for the $\Theta$-spherical transform:
          an overview
     Authors: G. Olafsson, A. Pasquale
     Subj-class: Representation Theory; Functional Analysis
     MSC-class: 33C67, 43A90, 43A85

     Title: The distribution of Mahler's measures of reciprocal
     Authors: Christopher D. Sinclair
     Comments: 13 pages. To be published in Int. J. Math. Math. Sci
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 33E20, 44A05

     Title: Bessel processes, the integral of geometric Brownian motion,
        and Asian options
     Authors: M. Schroder, P. Carr
     Comments: 29pp, 1 Figure, to appear in Theory of Probability and
     Subj-class: Probability Theory; Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: 60G35

     Title: Noncompact quantum algebra $u_q(2,1)$
     Authors: Yu.F. Smirnov, Yu.I. Kharitonov
     Comments: 23 pages, LaTeX (kapproc); to be published in Proceedings
         of International Symposium "Symmetry in Sciences XIII"
         (Bregenz, Austria, July 2003)
     Subj-class: Quantum Algebra; Representation Theory
     MSC-class: 17B10, 17B37, 17B65, 17B67, 17B80, 81R50, 33D67, 33D80,

     Title: Analytic continuation of eigenvalues of the Lam\'e operator
     Authors: Kouichi Takemura
     Comments: 14 pages
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Mathematical Physics;
         Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems
     MSC-class: 33E10, 34M35, 34L16

     Title: Virasoro Algebra, Dedekind $\eta$-function and Specialized
         Macdonald's Identities
     Authors: Antun Milas
     Comments: 16 pages, LaTeX
     Subj-class: Quantum Algebra; Representation Theory

     Title: On generalized sum rules for Jacobi matrices
     Authors: F. Nazarov, F. Peherstorfer, A. Volberg, P. Yuditskii
     Comments: misprints correction, Appendix added
     Subj-class: Spectral Theory; Mathematical Physics
     MSC-class: 47B36

     Title: Vector valued spherical functions and Macdonald-Koornwinder
     Authors: Alexei A. Oblomkov, Jasper V. Stokman
     Comments: 47 pages, no figures
     Subj-class: Quantum Algebra; Representation Theory

     Title: Orthogonal Polynomials for Potentials of two Variables with
        External Sources
     Authors: M.C. Bergere (CEA/Saclay, SPhT, France)
     Comments: latex poly.tex, 1 file, 33 pages [SPhT-T03/180],
        to Commun. Math. Phys.this
     http URL SPhT-T03/180
     Subj-class: High Energy Physics - Theory; Mathematical Physics

     Title: Symbolic algorithms for the Painleve test, special
        solutions, and recursion operators for nonlinear PDEs
     Authors: Douglas Baldwin, Willy Hereman, Jack Sayers
     Comments: 15 pages for the CRM Proceedings of the Workshop on Group
        Theory and Numerical Methods
     Subj-class: Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems

     Title: The PDEs of biorthogonal polynomials arising in the
         two-matrix model
     Authors: M. Bertola, B. Eynard
     Comments: 20 pages
     Subj-class: Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems

     Title: Nonlinear differential equations with exact solutions
     Authors: N.A. Kudryashov
     Comments: 28 pages
     Subj-class: Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems; Chaotic

     Title: On sums of squares of the Riemann zeta-function on the
          critical line
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 16 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06

     Title: Connection Formulae for Asymptotics of Solutions of the
       Degenerate Third Painlev\'{e} Equation. I
     Authors: A. V. Kitaev, A. H. Vartanian
     Comments: 40 pages, LaTeX2e
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Mathematical Physics;
        Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems
     MSC-class: 33E17, 34M40, 34M50, 34M55, 34M60

     Title: On small values of the Riemann zeta-function on the critical
         line and gaps between zeros
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 13 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06
     Journal-ref: Lietuvos Matem. Rinkinys 42(2002), 31-45

     Title: The fourth moment of the zeta-function
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 12 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06
     Journal-ref: Proc. 10th Congress of Yugoslav Mathematicians
      (Belgrade 21-24.01.2001), University of Belgrade, 2001, pp. 73-82

     Title: An identity of Andrews, multiple integrals, and
       very-well-poised hypergeometric series
     Authors: Christian Krattenthaler (Universite Claude Bernard
        Tanguy Rivoal (Universite de Caen)
     Comments: 14 pages; AmS-LaTeX; several corrections, and a reference
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Number Theory
     MSC-class: Primary 33C20; Secondary 11J72

     Title: The Laplace transform of the fourth moment of the
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 8 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06; 11F72; 11F66
     Journal-ref: Univ. Beograd. Publ. Elektrotehn. Fak. Ser. Mat.
       11(2000), 41-48

     Title: Another proof of Bailey's 6-psi-6 summation
     Authors: Frederic Jouhet, Michael Schlosser
     Comments: 7 pages
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Combinatorics
     MSC-class: 33D15

     Title: A new approach to the theory of classical hypergeometric
     Authors: Jose Manuel Marco, Javier Parcet
     Comments: 30 pages
     Subj-class: Combinatorics
     MSC-class: 33D15; 33D45

     Title: Taylor series for the Askey-Wilson operator and classical
         summation formulas
     Authors: Jose Manuel Marco, Javier Parcet
     Comments: 9 pages
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: 33D15

     Title: On certain sums over ordinates of zeta zeros
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 13 pages
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06
     Journal-ref: Bull. CXXII Acad. Serbe Sciences Math\'ematiques No.
       26(2001), 39-52

     Title: An elementary approach to 6j-symbols (classical, quantum,
        rational, trigonometric, and elliptic)
     Authors: Hjalmar Rosengren
     Comments: 32 pages
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Mathematical Physics;
         Quantum Algebra
     MSC-class: 33D45, 33D80, 82B23

     Title: A set of orthogonal polynomials, dual to alternative
           q-Charlier polynomials
     Authors: N. M. Atakishiyev, A. U. Klimyk
     Comments: 9 pages, LaTeX
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs; Spectral Theory
     MSC-class: 33D45; 47B36; 81Q10

     Title: Zeros of Symmetric Laurent Polynomials of Type $(BC)_n$ and
        Self-dual Koornwinder-Macdonald Polynomials Specialized at
     Authors: Masahiro Kasatani
     Comments: 12 pages
     Subj-class: Quantum Algebra; Combinatorics

     Title: Relations on noncommutative variables and associated
         orthogonal polynomials
     Authors: T. Banks, T. Constantinescu, J. L. Johnson
     Comments: 29 pages, 4 figures
     Subj-class: Functional Analysis

     Title: On Simple Characterisations of Sheffer psi- polynomials and
        Related Propositions of the Calculus of Sequences
     Authors: A. K. Kwasniewski
     Subj-class: Combinatorics
     MSC-class: 05A40, 81S99
     Journal-ref: Bull. Soc. Sci. Lett. Lodz Ser. Rech. Deform. 52, Ser.
       Rech. Deform. 36 (2002) pp.45-65

     Title: Bernoulli-Taylor formula for psi-umbral difference calculus
     Authors: A. K. Kwasniewski
     Subj-class: General Mathematics
     MSC-class: 39A13, 33D99

     Title: On some recent results in the theory of the zeta-function
     Authors: Aleksandar Ivi\'c
     Comments: 10 pages, conference
     Subj-class: Number Theory
     MSC-class: 11M06

     Title: The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
     Authors: N. J. A. Sloane
     Comments: 9 pages, 1 fig
     Subj-class: Combinatorics; Number Theory
     MSC-class: 05-00, 11-00, 40-00
     Journal-ref: Notices American Math. Soc., Vol. 50 (Sept. 2003),

     Title: A Bailey tree for integrals
     Authors: V.P. Spiridonov
     Comments: 7 pages, to appear in Theor. Math. Phys. (Russian)
     Subj-class: Classical Analysis and ODEs
     MSC-class: 33Dxx

     Title: Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with Open Boundaries
         and Askey-Wilson Polynomials
     Authors: Masaru Uchiyama, Tomohiro Sasamoto, Miki Wadati
     Comments: 21 pages, 2 figures
     Subj-class: Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical Physics; Exactly
          Solvable and Integrable Systems

     Title: On the non homogeneous quadratic Bessel zeta function
     Authors: Mauro Spreafico
     Subj-class: Mathematical Physics

     Title: Second order q-difference equations solvable by
     Authors: Alina Dobrogowska, Anatol Odzijewicz
     Comments: 21 pages
     Subj-class: Mathematical Physics

     Title: Generalized Landen Transformation Formulas for Jacobi
     Authors: Avinash Khare, Uday Sukhatme
     Comments: 26 pages, 0 figures
     Subj-class: Mathematical Physics

     Title: Nonlinear differential equations with exact solutions
        expressed via the Weierstrass function
     Authors: N.A. Kudryashov
     Subj-class: Chaotic Dynamics; Exactly Solvable and Integrable

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